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Special Guest: Ian Kim

WAAAAAAAAIIII!!! Welcome to 1999!!!!! ^o^
Yaaaaay! Hi all, we were all invited by Trixie-san to help the Anime Web Turnpike bring in the new year!! ^_^ In case you don't know us (shame on you! ^.-), we're all from ! ^_^ My name is Emiko Kawasaki!
My name is Mai, I'm Emiko-sensei's sidekiiiiick! ^^ *hugs Emiko* Internet cheers for everybody!! *shakes pom-poms*
*nod nod* Congratulations to every one of you, you've made it through another year! ^_^ Good times or bad, it's over..time to move onto the next! We had a swell time, and if the Turnpike's stats are of any indication, it had a great year too! What a blast! And hey, if you didn't take off on the right foot in 1998, here's to a new and better 1999!! ^_^ *grin*
*nods enthusiastcally* This is the wast year of the millenium, so let's make this final year one to remember, neeeee?! ^-
And now, here's my best friend Mika with the Turnpike's New Year present! Take it away Mika!! *clap clap clap*
MEEEOOW!! *beam*.........*pause*...........*sweat*..........what present? =O.o=
*whisper* You know, you were supposed to buy something for the Turnpike?
.......MEOW! Mika know what you talking about! Oh, Mika bought Turnpike HUUUGE salmon!! It was biggest salmon Mika ever seen! =^-^=
Fish? You bought the Turnpike fish? ¬_¬
*shakes pom-poms again, nervously*
Uh..well..okay, fish it is! *aside to internet audience* You see, for Mika, fish is of very high value, so you're getting something really good! ^_^ Okay Mika, give it to 'em!


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