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Special Guest: Kellilla Yarwood

Hellos! ^^/ I'm Kellilla Yarwood, maintainer of . I'm a third year Illustration major, and of course, I'm an online fanartist and an anime fan. ^_^ I'm still rather new to anime compared to a lot of fans, this December will mark two years since I saw my first anime. I was raised in the southern parts of USA, and I wasn't exactly exposed to anime everyday ^_^ The closest I ever came, I suppose, was The Last Unicorn.

Before my first anime experience, I was completely into X-Men and (pathetically, may I say) trying to draw like American artists ^^;; A friend of mine got me to play FF7, and after getting hooked on that, I came across the Anipike while looking for FF7 sites. I looked around at a few sites and forgot all about it until I noticed a Ranma 1/2 video at EBX one day. I bought it, just because I'd noticed the name in a few places. Little did I know I would be completely hooked within a month ^_^; My first fanart pieces were very... mmm... horrible, you might say ^^;; I think I've gotten a bit better since then, and I've moved on from Ranma and Evangelion ^^

My current favourites are Shoujo Kakumei Utena and Escaflowne. ^^ I enjoy Fushigi Yuugi and Slayers quite a bit too. I'm currently obsessing over the Star Wars: New Hope manga by Hisao Tamaki, and I enjoy Inu-Yasha, Ah My Goddess, and Gunsmith Cats. And I still like Ranma 1/2 every now and then! ^0^

I have to have a few Utena sites, since I would say it's definitely my fav right now. The first site I ever came across was The Utena Encyclopedia, and I still think it's a great site for Utena info. If you're looking for movie info or the U.S. Fanart Tarot Deck, be sure to go by The End of the Innocence. And a site that always has great page designs, plus shrines to various characters, the wonderful Utena Network! And, probably the most frequented by me, Themes of the Revolution, an Utena music page! ^^ As for other animes, one of my favourite Slayers sites is . This page has tons of information, I wish every series had a page like this one ^^

And now for my fanart fix ^^ There are so many great artists out there, it's hard to figure out a few to link! ^^; I wish I could put my entire links list on here *lol* I suppose I'll start with , Naska and John Kim's home on the web. Seriously drool-worthy. will always be one of my favourites, as will For some amazing CGs, go to Saka's . And Keiiii's and are a few more great sites to hit~! Can't forget Chun's ! One site I have to mention, which features the beautiful artwork of five talented arts, is . I can't leave out , and if you want to find more great artists, you can't miss (Anibot-note: Sadly the "The Online Comic Artist Directory" seems to be down at this time.)

Two great sites I have to mention are and the . FAX gives others a chance to draw your original characters, and you to draw theirs! MAG is a monthly contest like the Monthly Anime Character, but features artists' original characters!

If you love online comics like I do, then and will be right up your alley ^^ Eve's is one of the best comics online, well drawn and well written. , besides housing her art, also has her original comic, Dark Metamorphosis, and her dojinshi FF7/2! is Elaine's homepage, which contains her wonderful comic Dancing For the Stars! features his comic strip, Citrusville, which is wonderful ^_^ And I suppose I should mention around here... (*innocent look*)

A few misc sites: I'm addicted to Winamp skins, and one of the best places is . If you like weird stuff as much as I, is the best ^0^

Well that's about it for me. ^_^; Thanks for reading, hope it wasn't *too* boring!

~Kellilla Yarwood

Anipike not being responsible for Acts of God or the vaguaries of humans  ;)
this column will appear 'as and when' articles come in. New articles will
be announced on the "New List" page. (So original, da yo..^^)

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