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Special Guest: KiMmIeZ

I say “YES” immediately after I was asked to write an article up here. Even b4 I know what should I write about. Five minutes later, I found myself in trouble.Anyway, I’ll try my best.*sweat drops*

First of all, please excuse my following English structures.I needed to explain ‘coz I’m not “that” fluent writer.  I have a bad vocabs and grammar usage, so please except my apologized. If you see anything funny on my writing.. just pretend you didn't see and ignore it. And please note that i'll focus mainly on Manga. I have to warn you that my article might be some sort of.. ahh... the most boring stuff you ever read in your whole life beside those boring history-class books (to me). Also, you will only find simple and easy-to-read language in here.

Here are the topics I’m going to talk about ^.^

1.about me



4.the net


About me

Oh well, my "real" nick name is Kim, but i often use "kimmiez' as my net name 'coz Kim is sort of.. err.. too general name.. i want "myself" to be remarkable and hard to spelled.. LOL ^.^ My real name will remain secret ^x^ don't ask! I'm a 17 years old girl right now ( will be 18 on Aug 2k ) but i look younger than that *smile*.. I was born in Thailand, a small Asian country, and living here my whole life. Although I often went to US and I’ve studied aboard over there for awhile. Manga and Anime are not the only stuffs i interested in. I love to watch movie and being a trash collector LOL. My collections included Anime/manga-related stuffs, movie-related stuffs, shitajiki, cards, stationary sets, note-papers, notebook, tapes, CDs, purikura (photo stickers), magazines, sanrio-stuffs, posters, music box, happy meal toys, bunny dolls, poetry books, cute stickers, and some other stuffs i don't remember.

So what i do with my free time? Well, reading manga, collecting stuffs, and doing homepage are not only hobbies i have. I also talkin' on the phone, go out with friends, watch movie, play DDR and some other PS games, corresponding, chatting, do cg-art when i'm in good mood, make some sketch & fan arts, and, surprisingly, i do play piano and guitar. Hehehe.. umm.. seem like i'm quite busy with my hobbies, right?

How about my study? Oh well, you might think i'm such a loser in class and school since i'm too busy with those nut stuffs. BUT NO. I can prove that person who obsessed in manga NOT supposed to be STUPID. I think people who actually obsessed in manga are tend to be "smart" people ^^ hehehe.. for example, my 2 GENIUS friends that got straigh As, they love to read manga to death. For me, my average G.P.A. never went down below 3.25 or B. Though i'm sucky in math. Last year (10th grade) i took Algebra II together with Geometry, and i almost died! I got all As in Geo but I only get 1 A in my Alg II v_v Surprisingly, i've been through 10 schools so far (isn't that quite lotz?) I'm graduated from highschool by a equivalent knowledge test since last year (when i was 16). So that's mean i'm 2 years ahead my friends in class now. I'm preparing for entrance exam and i hope i'll be in university soon. ^.^

So go tell your parents if your grade drops that itz not manga fault!

However, Kimmiez is a VERY lazy girl. My friends were bored to ask me why did i absence from school yesterday 'coz i often "skipped" one school day every 2 weeks, with permission of my parents. I always found myself havin' a hard time to catch up with the classworks and homeworks i missed.. ^^''

Oh well, sometime life is upon luck. i just guess the test answer right ^.^ umm.. enough about myself.. so now let's talk about something more interesting.


In Thailand, manga or Japanese comic is very popular among the readers ranged from children to adults.I don’t really know when was it arrived in Thailand, but surely before I was born, 17 years ago.They started with pirate groups that took Japanese tankoubons, translated, printed, and sold it on bookstore, I guess.

Now a day, there are many publishing companies that turned to legal ones and published almost every popular manga from the past to recent.The prices of Thai pocketbook comics are way too cheap compared to Japanese one, 1:6 ratio (mean you can buy 6 Thai tankoubons instead of getting 1 in Japan).But of course, the quality is different.Well, I didn’t mind about that so much since it is better than nothing or I will have to eat nothing to save my money to buy Japanese tankoubons.

As I mentioned before, manga is very popular in Thailand, that almost every single mall does have 2-3 manga-only shops, which each contains more than 100 manga’s titles. My friends were jealous of me for living in such country manga’s fans are dreaming about (to get manga in cheapo price, o.k. conditions, and can read understandingly w/o lookin’ on translation). ^.^ Well, Japan might be an exception.I’m jealous of those who can read Japanese and living in Japan o^_^o LOL.

I started reading manga since I can read words, probably when I was 6-7 years old.So now it’s over 10 years.The first manga I’ve read is Doraemon.I’m pretty sure that many people know what this classical manga of all time is all about. ^^

As I grew up, I moved on to Shounen manga (Boys’ Type Comics). My favorite are early works of Adachi Mitsuru sensei, Takahashi Rumiko sensei’s works, Tatsuya Hiruta’s works, Shouta Kikushi sensei’s works, and so much more.My favorite Shounen’s plots I’ve read are ranged from heroism, art of fighting, sports, killing professors, Japanese-based history, pure comedy, adventures, American-based, to those super natural power.

I said that “I will NEVER read Shoujo manga” (girls typo manga).I thought Shoujo manga is so sick. The whole story is just talkin’ about love-love relationship btw a cutest girl in the story and another boy who is just look like that girl with a shorter hairdo.And there will be a happy ending scene a boy says “I love you too” then they kissed with a whole bunches of flower background behind them.


I started picking up every single nice-covered shoujo manga I found in manga store after my friend introduced me to Sailor Moon. Don’t laugh! Sailor Moon was the first shoujo manga I read. And I was immediately addicted to it, helplessly. Then it was End of Days. I spent all my money with manga books, both shoujo and shounen. And I ended up moved out my room to sleep in my mom’s room ‘coz I’ve got no spared space in my own 2 rooms. Over 1,000 comic books took over my peace!And they still keep piling up everyday.

My fave shoujo manga are too much to write in here, since I’ve 2-3 times more than my shounen manga, doh. My fave manga artist number 1 is CLAMP, no wonder, ha?I stopped being SM-freak after it became anime and there were SMs everywhere. I HATE SM-ANIME (no offend, okie?)! Anime completely ruined up the images I have toward SM.


So now talkin’ a bit on anime. Actually, I’m not sort of Otaku or big fan of anime.  I prefered manga more. I only owned few anime DVD and VDO, for example, EVA, Rurouni Kenshin, CCS, AMG, and X-the movie. That’s all. I do watched random episodes of other anime like Saintail, Ranma, DBZ, Azuki, Hanayori dango, Detective Conan, Let’s and Go, Flame of Recca, and etc…

- - still, I prefered manga more – -

The only one exception is my number 1 favorite anime, Ushio to Tora. I do love this anime even more than manga version. Too bad it isn’t so popular after all.I just wish that someday it will become more popular (but it's very old anyway..) itz the best anime I’ve seen so far.

Hey, Nikkou asked me to write an article, but seem like I’m makin’ it a history novel. gee!


Anime/manga webpages are rapidly increasing in numbers and spread around the net community, which guaranteed the gaining of anime/manga popularity throughout the world. Well, shame on me, but this year is the third year that I know cyberspace does exist.I actually started as a newby after I got my own computer. In the first year I spent all my time on IRC, chatting at least 6 hours a day. And one year later, I quit ^.^’’

After that, I started to wonder around the net.Went through search engines, hoping to find some sites about my fave manga. Someway somehow, I found I almost jump out and scream with happiness that I finally found something cool! They have links list of almost every manga titles I’ve been looking for. A while later, I contructed my very first manga homepage, mint na bokura. I just knew that mint na bokura actually running on Japanese Phonebook magazine called “ribon”. So I started to buy Ribon.

So now let's tawk about Ribon

Well.. i actually got "IN" to Ribon for just about.. umm.. half a year, that's it ^^ i brought my first issue on June '99 and i got addicted! Gee~ Ribon is currently the MOST popular shoujo manga phonebook magazine! Umm.. what's so good about it? I have to say that the true reasoni buy ribon is "furoku", a supplementary free stuffs that come with the magazine.. Ribon's furoku is something special to me.. I love to construct all the boxes and love to use all the cute papers and stationaries which have my favorite pix of manga characters on it ^.^ phew~ and also the color inserts that come with the magazine is so pretty, sometime i pealed them out and put them in frame or laminated 'em and hang on my wall ^.^.. I do not read Japanese. NO i cannot read it.. hahaha.. so the manga insides are just so-so to me.. but almost every stories are way to cool! i love browsing through pages figuring out what's going on by guessing ^.^ howeva, that spoiled me a lot! i can get those stories once it is ended and translated into my language.. but i can hardly wait.. so i just.. err.. go on other pagey for translations or summeries. Umm.. anyway.. I think Ribon is the best magazine in my opinion 'coz the stories inside are fun to read 'coz itz not too childish and too oldish (?) or having too much adult materials. Also, the arts are great, for example, Kamikaze kaito Jeanne, Good Morning Call, Gals, Mint na Bokura, and etc... Ribon are for only young kids? NO. I think highschool kids can read it also, since most of the stories are focusing on highschool life! Nakayoshi also great.. but i just like Cyber Idol Mink and Card Captor Sakura.. i'm wondering how'z Nakayoshi going to be like without Card Captor Sakura. For me, i probably quit buying it.

And that I got hooked up on other seires in Ribon like Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Good Morning Call, and etc.. So I decided to make a page on Ribon to get people know more on this magazine. I made it all “PINK” ‘coz I thought it is definitely a color for girls.

And that, this “Ribon Pink Box” pagey has been picked as a weekly pick of Jan. 10. 2000. I’m really happy and proud. Arigatou gosaimatsu.

Making homepages is a very fun hobby of mine. It’s like combination of things I like. So far, i've got 10+ pages on different manga titles ^.^'' and 2 more coming soon kyaaaa~~. And the side profit is I get to know more people with same interest. Get more friends with something alike in common.
Learned to give, to take, and to share.
Learned to be creative, be nice, be original, and be different.

Thanx to emichan, v-chan, lorna, jessi, yohki, and everyone i didn't mention for being frendz.

O.K. here is the end. I’m sorry if what I wrote is so boring that made you put your head down, sleep on your keyboard, and let the monitor watching over you.

“good night”

ps: if you are still awaken, please don't forget to visit my homepagey

( my pages in common )
(mint na bokura )
( about Ribon magazine )
( manga BabyLove wrote by shiina ayumi sensei)
( my 'lil shrine on fabulous manga boyz )
( manga Cyber Idol Mink -nakayoshi- )
(my first KKJ page -sucky- )
(my second KKJ page -better- )
( gokinjo monogatari by Yazawa Ai sensei )
(Good Morning Call by Takasuka Y. sensei )
( sort of download stuffs pagey )
( card capture sakura, manga typo )
( my pencil board collection ^.^ )

* coming soon * Sho-Comi pagey
* coming soon * Gals!
* coming soon * oro? ( rurouni kenshin )
* coming soon * coco fullahead ( shounen )
* coming soon * Shrine no Mizuto Aqua Sensei / Milk Crown


Anipike not being responsible for Acts of God or the vaguaries of humans  ;)
this column will appear 'as and when' articles come in. New articles will
be announced on the "New List" page. (So original, da yo..^^)

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