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Special Guest: Matt Courson


    How's it going AniPike readers? I've been looking at past guest articles and such and I've really been trying to figure out what you people would enjoy reading. So, I decided you would probably like the article better if you knew a little bit about me and you could somewhat identify with me. So here is the lowdown on who I am.

    I am Matt Courson, Otaku-extroidinare. =P   I'm 16 and a Sophomore at (I did the main page design for that site) and I find myself quite mystified at how I live in southern Alabama and still haven't went insane from boredom. But wait some things keep me from being bored and those are Anime, (My magazine), and Music.

    I'll go into more detail on all of those in this article.

How I got into Anime

    Hmmmm, let me think...Oh yeah it's all coming clear to me now. I was 12 years old and at my best friends house and his older brother was watching this violent cartoon called AKIRA. I was absolutely stoked when I saw it. It was like nothing I had ever seen,...It was violent,...It was cool,...It was everything I thought was cool. I can't begin to tell you how much Akira influenced me. When I was young people often commented on my artistic talents, but I was ignorant and neglected them. Until Akira. My art was reborn I got into oil painting and charcoal sketching. You can bet it wasn't long before I was imitating this JAPANIMATION (as I called it at the time) style.

    But after seeing such modern classics as Ghost in the Shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion (my all time favourite) I began to grow somewhat obsessed with this anime phenom. Now up to this point I only knew of anime from word of mouth and what little came on the Sci-Fi channel. But then the day came that my parents bought me a computer and I was on the Internet.

    At this point I was 14 and ignorant of the huge amount anime in the world and still had no idea what manga was. At first I looked for Sailor Moon info. I eventually grew a small dislike of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi but I feel that was because it appeared to me as a girly type of show.

    Anyways even though I wasn't watching much anime I was absorbing any anime I could get on the net. And through the net I learnt the history of anime and found myself doing anything in real life to help me better understand the Japanese culture.

    And now here I am 16 years of age and owner of over 60 anime video tapes. My walls are covered with anime posters, postcars, wall scrolls, sketches, and computer print-outs! I am searching all over the net in hope of finding a cabbit (if ya know where to get one email me!)

Well I feel that your bored enough as it is so I will start with the links!=D Here we go! Gimmee a drumroll Shinji!^^
WHAT!!!! >.< You don't play the drums!... Well you gotta be able to do a drumroll! How Hard is that?!!...
Your SORRY! What for,....That you can't play the drums? -_-* ok Shinji get out of here I am SORRY that I ever told ya could come into my article! >.< BAKA SHINJI! :D  Alright now to the links!


The Ultimate Animanga Archive!
This is where I got addicted to Evangelion. I was just wondering around looking at different series when all of the sudden I ran into pics of Asuka, Rei, Misato, and Ritsuko. They were the most beautiful combo of anime girls I had ever seen or ever will see! But anyway this place is a HUGE anime image gallery and a decent source for basic plot info on some series.

Ok OK OK I know this is my site but I worked so hard on it! It's really a great source for general otaku life stuff. I mean we do cover Anime and Games and Music; but you see everyone that writes is a certified otaku! Anways we usually have a good contest going and the Ask Cabbit Article is always a good laugh. Be sure to Sign our guestbook and send cabbit a question! That's about it, If ya like insane opinions and crazy comedy stop by and you'll get all that you can handle!

This site has all kind of crazy mess on it, Anime rules, a great explanation of what anime is, an anime drinking game^^, and all kind of other crazy otaku stuff!

This is really a great place for promoting your site and an even better way to have a competition with your bud's sites. I really enjoy being in it and I am usually in the top ten so that makes it even better!^^ Help me get to nummber one!

Shinobu is like the best freelance Shockwave artist that I've ever seen. Even if you don't care about what his site is about it is worth the trip to go see the crazy effects that he uses! It is like the best kept anime secret on the net!

I'm good friends with the club's founder. They are based in Florida but it is a worldwide club and well that's about it.^^


    Well folks that's my story and I'm linking to it!^^ Oh that was lame but anyways I hope you enjoyed my life story and I hope you will and . I also hope you will forgive me for my shameless self promotion. But I also hope you'll go by my other links because all of those pages are really cool and have played a big part in my becoming an otaku!^^  So once again I would like to thank Nikkou for letting me write this article and I thank all of you who have made it alllllll the way down here to read this final paragraph. So bai bai to all the 'lil otakus reading this.

Kaji's Words of Advice:" Keep the faith; Keep it real; and don't wear sunscreen!*L*"

-Kaji Ryoji(Matt Courson)

Anipike not being responsible for Acts of God or the vaguaries of humans  ;)
this column will appear 'as and when' articles come in. New articles will
be announced on the "New List" page. (So original, da yo..^^)

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