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Special Guest: Pearson Mui

Submitted for your approval, one 27 year-old anime fan and fanfiction writer...

(Nope, not good.)

It was a balmy spring day when I trudged into work, about to entomb myself within the walls of my cubicle for the next eight hours.

(Hmm...too much like Andrew Mays.)

Not too long ago, in the industrial-complex-ridden town of Northbrook, Illinois...

(Oh, GAH, where am I *getting* this stuff?! Okay, let's get back to basics.)

Hi, there! This is Pearson "Doc" Mui (pronounced "Moy") tapping away at the keyboard. You may or may not have seen me on IRC (less frequently, these days), remarked about the size of my camera lens at several conventions such as or , or just enjoyed some of my works such as or . Being picked as a guest on this part of the Anipike comes as a bit of a surprise to me, seeing as all I really do is write.

A little bit about my background might help clear things up...but not likely! :-) I was born in 1973, just old enough to understand what the heck was going on when they started showing Star Blazers. There were other shows around a few years later, but what really caught my eye was Robotech.

For a fifth grader, having a cartoon in which significant characters actually *change* and *die*, it was a revelation. Before that, the heroes always won and everything turned out okay in the end...much like many episodes of ST: Voyager. *duck*

My descent into fandom really didn't hit until I got into college at UIC (University of Illinois atChicago). While fooling around with e-mail on the VM/CMS system, I noticed that the guy next to me was reading newsgroups. Curious, I asked him how he did that and then proceeded to home in on rec.arts.anime, before the big split. I opened up the group...and was promptly deluged with info about BGC, Ranma, how Carl Macek mangled dubs, that sort of thing. I lurked and read fanfiction...which started me on the path to writing my first fanfic.

Looking back, I think that my first fanfic was both the best and worst thing that happened to me. It was the worst because I unintentionally started the rash of SI Ranma fics that plagued the newsgroups thereafter, and I still cringe a little whenever I hear the title's name or the protagonist's. It was the best because I found that I enjoyed writing.

Then, in 1992, I gorged myself on Undocumented Features and decided to write a story set in that universe, with Ben and Zoner's approval. It took the better part of a year (a trend I've only once been able to break) to put out Leap Years, part 1. Then, as a diversion to being perpetually stuck on part 2 and the 8-part Dimension Hopping series, I started a fanfic universe along the lines of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, only with better-drawn characters: Anime Detective.

For me, the road to hell isn't paved with good's paved with great story ideas that I *know* I won't be able to finish in my lifetime. I'm entirely too creative for my own good. The weird thing? I still love writing, mainly because I've met so many fans who've read my stories.

Personality-wise, I'm pretty easygoing. I'm not the stereotypical Generation X angster/ranter/blame it on everyone but me kinda guy. I've been described by a fellow author as "the Sandy Duncan of the Eyrie" because I'm fairly optimistic, even (shudder) perky. Then again, you can find that out by meeting me at Katsucon (doubtful in 2001 for personal reasons) or Anime Central. Just look for the guy with the green jogging jacket, white fishing hat, and oh yes...the Canon Eos with the huge lens. <grin>

Now, on to the picks!


Series -

Bubblegum Crisis was the first anime that I saw subtitled at my local Blockbuster. It's one of my favorites because there's something inherently cool about it, even without the kawaii redhead. ;-) I haven't seen enough of the sequel (some would say "mangling") to form an opinion of it. A decent site was made by Bert van Vliet and can be found .

Neon Genesis Evangelion - What can I say that hasn't been said already? You've got cool mecha, weird monsters, a ton of religious references, shadowy conspiracies, fan service, and a kid who has to determine the fate of the world. Did I mention that this kid is a *little* screwed up in the head? Could be a deciding factor, hm? As for webpages, I really don't have a favorite. It's a series that's definitely worth looking into, though.

Oh my Goddess is sweet without being sappy. I watch this occasionally because...well, it's *nice*, okay? :-) Geir Freistad's was the first one to introduce me to this anime.

Sonic Soldier Borgman is an undeservedly obscure anime that I've recently gotten hooked onto, mainly due to the machinations of Jayce Kinnison-Holmes. The only decent page is in Japanese, a site called .

Tokimeki Memorial is a game where you can date cute girls and make one of them fall in love with you. I should mention that this is a decidedly NON-HENTAI game. I haven't played it myself, but there's plenty of info on the web, including a movement to try to translate the game and/or OVA series. is a good stop if you want to get a feel for what the game is like. It's also home to the Kirameki Drive, a petition to translate the game for the US and/or the two-part OAV series.


Fanfics -

: Here's where it's at, ladies and gentlemen: The homepage of one of the largest fan fiction universes online.

: A fellow fanfic author with whom I've hashed out story ideas.

: His stories are thoughtful and have quite a bit of depth to them. He's also incredibly prolific...and I rather envy him for that. ^_^;

: A fellow writer and resident of Illinois, she's also a big fan of my Anime Detective stories. She's also written the anti-self-insert Bubblegum Crisis fic, "We Just Want to Help You." Read it, and prepare to laugh your butt off. :-)

: Creator of arguably the *biggest* BGC self-insert series. I'd reserve an afternoon or two off to read his fics if I were you.


Pictures -

Need a picture? Chances are, you'll find it at the . They've got pictures ranging from the common Pokemon scans to the more obscure series like Sonic Soldier Borgman.

For fan art, I'm rather fond of . She proves that you don't have to *always* have scantily-clad, improbably-proportioned anime babes to have a good picture.


Shopping -

When I feel the need to exercise my credit card, I usually call up and ask for Hugo. The man practically knows my number by heart. :-)

Another store I frequent online is , where I found some out-of-print Borgman CDs. My friend makes it a habit to comparison shop with Nikaku usually the better buy.

You want the goods *and* news about what's going on in the industry and fandom? Go for .


Industry -

Two companies I buy from are and . Animeigo stands out because of their extensive liner notes. ADV Films has quite a few of my favorites.

And...that's it! See you in the future, everybody! :-)

--Pearson "Doc" Mui

Anipike not being responsible for Acts of God or the vaguaries of humans  ;)
this column will appear 'as and when' articles come in. New articles will
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