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Special Guest: Sailor Bacon

Howdy everybody, glad you could join me. My name is Allen Tyner but the kiddies like to refer to me as Sailor Bacon. I'm sure that most of you who may or may not have heard this name before are wondering how I came up with such a bizarre moniker. To tell you the truth, I honestly don't know. ^_^ It was a spur of the moment thing when I decided to try out the now-defunct Webchat Broadcasting System at the urging of a friend. I needed a cool name so I tried to think of stuff I thought was cool. I like bacon and I like Sailor Moon and the two just kinda seemed right together for some reason..

So what else should I say about myself before I move on into the links..? Well, I've been an anime fan for over four years now. I got into it only because I saw a Ranma 1/2 tape at a friend's house and vaguely remembered playing a SNES game with the same characters in it. I watched it and I was hooked. I really loved the sound of anime music and started getting more and more into it and tried to memorize the words to the songs. Finding a lack of lyrics on the Net I created my page (see blatant plugs below ^_^) and the rest as they say is history. To answer a question that many people have asked me, I have not actually taken a single course in Japanese and I am completely self taught all that I know. I find the and the to be invaluable tools in the transliateration process. But enough about me, let's move on to the more important stuff, the links! ^_^

I suppose I should start with the aforementioned blatant plugs first to get those out of the way. My main homepage is known as . It currently houses roughly 1400 different lyrics to anime, J-pop, and video game songs. Please check it out if you ever have the craving to sing along to your favorite songs. I do requests to the best of my ability as well. The other blatant plug is for . HMTV is the name of two of my friends and myself who make anime music videos. We have won many awards at conventions including (but not limited to ^_^) the Sick Perverted award at AWA 3 and the Best Video at Katsucon 5. Check us out and I think you'll enjoy our work.

Now that the blatant plugs are out of the way, I'll list a few sites about the stuff that I know best which of course would be anime song lyrics. I cannot always supply you guys and gals with everything you need so here are a few great alternatives. is a great resource and the webmaster, Jane-chan, is not only a good friend but also a great transliterator who shares in my passion for the works of Hayashibara Megumi. ^_^ , run by Shinobi Chirlind-Byouko, contains a whole lot of well-done transliterations and has been one of the biggest contributors to my page as well. is also the home to a very large number of transliterations that definitely deserves viewing.

Next I'll talk a little bit about one of my favorite things to do at cons, cosplay. If you haven't seen me in my Sailor Bacon costume then just look at the top page of my webpage and then shriek in terror. ^_^ I have also cosplayed as BlackJack which can be seen (don't ask about the Felicia doll ^_^). The best place to look at cosplay pics is of course the fantastic page. Go there now if you haven't been before! ^_^ is a valuable source as well. Also, be sure to swing by to see HMTV member Mike Corbitt and his girlfriend Kris Tucker in their incredible costumes they make. is another place to go to view really good costumes.

On to the random anime-related pages I like to visit on a regular basis. Tomobiki-cho is the best webpage to my favorite anime of all time, Urusei Yatsura. is a fun place to go to and read the Misting of horrendous anime fanfics. is a cool place where you can find out which anime characters and seiyuu and creators share your birthday. is perfect for everyone who loves magical girls anime and houses the largest online seiyuu database I'd ever found. As an added bonus you can read my summary of the Sailor Moon S movie on his page. ^_^

Now if you get tired of surfing through all of the anime pages and want a little bit of non-anime action then these links should be right up your alley. is quite possibly the most humorous page on the Net period and is a must visit page. never fails to amuse me. The guy is a genius and he has the perfect face for what he does. is a collection of all of the messed up and.. well, zany quotes from video games that really just don't make sense. As a video game buff I really appreciate this page. Finally, is the perfect place to go when you need some help in a video game. Plus, I've written a few FAQs myself you can see here. ^_^

Well, these are the best links I have to offer you. I didn't list a ton of pages but I hope you can get the most out of the stuff I supplied you. Enjoy yourself and hopefully have some fun with these bad boys. Until next time; peace, love, and BACON!

Anipike not being responsible for Acts of God or the vaguaries of humans  ;)
this column will appear 'as and when' articles come in. New articles will
be announced on the "New List" page. (So original, da yo..^^)

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