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Special Guests: Seung Park
and Christopher Amis

We were asked some time ago to do a Guest Web Picks for the Anipike some time ago. And so, a few days ago, we got off our lazy <insert descriptive word for 'behinds' here> and went and did just that. We thought we'd start off with a little bit about ourselves...

In General
We are co-webmasters of one of the larger anime-related sites on the web, the . We've been going through the usual server moving woes as of late, and so we've been completely offline as of 29 January 1999. However, with the help of all the great people over at the , we will be online again soon. Within the next month (but don't quote us on it ^_^), in fact. We like to think that we're two pretty normal guys, but... our often frenetic .plan updates sometimes leads visitors to think otherwise. Well and good! ^_^

Here's some interesting things about us:

  • We first met in a friendly game of co-op Diablo and totally lost touch of each other without a thought about it, until two years later when he joined the Enclave!
  • Now when we try to play Diablo for old times sake, one of us always loses his CD!
  • You can always tell who wrote which page, look for the extra "u" in Chris' Canadian spelling!
  • We are/were both obsessed with Pokémon, and proud... ermmm... whatever.. of it :)
  • Seung buys a new J-Pop/anime CD almost every week or two!
  • Seung is currently attending the University of Michigan, and Chris'll be starting at McMaster University in the fall. Watch out!

About Chris -- written by Seung
Chris is one of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure of meeting, as well as being posessant of one of the sharper minds for all things anime. He is the president of Yakusoku Anime Club, and his favorite anime of the moment (of all time, he says, but you know how these things change ^_^) is Rurouni Kenshin. He was one of the original founders of the Anime Enclave, way back in 1997. It's grown since then, and there have been a few staff changes, but he's the one that gives the site a real sense of continuity.

About Seung -- written by Chris
Hmm... Seung, Seung... what nice things can I say about Seung... no really, what nice things can I say about him? Just kidding buddy! ^_- Seriously, Seung is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and he's helped me with chemistry homework, english essays, you name it, he's got the skills, especially when it comes to anime. This guy, I tell you, he knows more about Escaflowne than anyone (maybe not Egan Loo ~_~;;). He's always there to help me out with anything I ever need (which is usually too much for anybody to handle!), and hardly ever complains about it. ^_- Oh yeah, and he's an Every Little Thing freak.

Now, On to the Links!
Comments by Chris in black | Comments by Seung in blue.

Anime Intoxication

This photo archive has a multitude of images from Anime North 98, and there's even a few in there of some people from Yakusoku Anime. Look for the people all wearing the same white t-shirt! The , in which we probed the depths of theology and millenialism was very interesting. (sorry Kinnon! ~_~;;)

This page is slickly-designed, and has large image galleries that make it worth anyone's while. It should satisfy your urge for eye candy sometime reallllllll soon. Although the Anime North pictures are ... interesting, I'm not sure how much I want to scroll through pictures of guys sleeping on sofas, myself ^_^

Enough of that, Seung!

Whatever, Chris :P

Anime New Release Clearing House

This site is mainly good for checking out which animes are going commercial, which are being commercially subbed, which are being commercially dubbed (read: buy the fansubs as fast as you can), and otherwise.

I agree. An excellent site for this kind of thing, although the site design leaves a few things to be desired.

Sumire-Ya Anime and Manga Pages

Oh my, there's some very funny stuff here. Make sure to check out the Milk Parody Ads, as well as the Anime Birthday Calendar (celebrate every day of the year!)

"What's your sign de gozaru?" -- need I say more?

<General face-fault> ^_^

Sailor Bacon's Anime Song Lyrics Headquarters

The source for Japanese lyrics of all kinds: anime, games, and J-Pop.

And don't forget that wierd picture of Sailor Bacon! Besides, anyone who comes up with the moniker 'Sailor Bacon' has to be worshipped in one way or another...

Mr. T, the Toughest Man in Anime!

Oh man, this is the funniest! <chokes while trying to contain his laughter>

<While trying to perform the Heimlich Maneuver> Yo, foo'! whatcha doing looking at our page when you could be there? I pity the fool who doesn't take a look at it!

The Rurouni Kenshin Archive

I love Rurouni Kenshin, and this is one of my favorite sites.

'nuff said. Kenshin. Is. Cool. Understand? ^_^

The Anime VHS Labels Page

A great place to pick up original labels for your tapes, they fit on Avery #5199 labels, which can be found easily in any stationary store. I'll bet a sixth of my tapes have these on them.

Chris said it all there.

The Escaflowne Compendium

This is the site to go to for any and all information related to my favorite anime, Tenkuu no Escaflowne. It's maintained by the god of all things Esca-fan related, Egan Loo.

I knew you'd pick that one, great choice! He blazes answers across the mailing list constantly! <dialogue suggested by Seung ^_->

The Macross Compendium

As the sister site to the Escaflowne Compendium, I felt that I could not leave this one out of my favorite links collection -- even though Macross isn't one of my favorite anime (sorry, Macross fans ^_^).

Also a nice page. Macross isn't my fav, but it looks pretty.

Amen to that.

Tenkuu no Yoko Kanno and The Yoko Kanno Project

With these two sites, you can have all the information you ever wanted on my favorite composer of anime-related music, the incomparable Kanno Yoko. Try both -- they work as near-perfect complements of one another.

I knew you'd pick these!

Ah, you know me too well ^_^


All right, all right. So it's not quite anime. But then again, how many minutes of FMV did Xenogears have again?

Not that many.

Well, but still... :)

Project Oro and Related Pages

Explore everything. These guys have managed to create one of the more complete RK experiences online, and they've also got the immensely popular fan translation of Final Fantasy VIII, to boot!

Guaranteed, the boys at P.O deserve recognition. Although I refuse to look at the FF8 translation. I haven't seen anything about the game, I know 2 character names, and that's all.

You show great restraint and patience. :) :) :) Something I seem to have nothing of when it comes to FF8 :)

You're hopeless!

Why, thank you!

Neo-Alec JPop

He puts up small samples of various jpop groups he thinks deserve some attention. In this manner, he introduced me to Every Little Thing, and now Avex Trax has way too much of my money ^_^ but I'm not complaining!

I'm going to have to bookmark this one, maybe I'll become a huge freak like you. ^_-

Yes, you are ^_^

Soundtracks Central

Before you blow another $40 or so on yet another new release you know nothing about, come here to find out what you should and shouldn't buy.

Hah, ratings! does that too!

So both do a good job. Let's leave it at that, ne? ^_^

Hesperia by Chika

A quite talented fan artist who's waaay into street fighting games (particularly the King of Fighters series) but still worth a look anyway. She has a lot of non-fighting game related stuff, too :)

Nice! I've seen her work, and it's good!

Amen to that, as well :)

Speaking of fan artists, one more, then...

Bring it on, Chris!

Emiko's Genesis by Ian Kim

Ian Kim's an artist that's at many conventions, and his art, oh my, I love it. A great bunch of people too. Also, remember to support Ian Kim's !

Right on! Down with hentai!


Well, that's about all from us. Be sure to mail either Chris or Seung if you have any questions. And thank you for listening to us rant!

This page was written jointly by Chris and Seung. It was further edited by Seung under the influence of his Every Little Thing collection, including Everlasting, Time to Destination, and The Best Singles +3. Try any or all of them if you're looking for a graceful entry into the weird and wonderful world of J-Pop.

Anipike not being responsible for Acts of God or the vaguaries of humans  ;)
this column will appear 'as and when' articles come in. New articles will
be announced on the "New List" page. (So original, da yo..^^)

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