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Special Guest: Vince Mortellaro

         Hmm... I'm not going to be as cheery as other times-- I guess the impending doom of summer school starting in two days is not a wonderfully happy thought. I apparently [in one of my less lucid moments] decided that taking Organic Chemistry I and II, along with Physics I and their respective labs, would be a good way to squander my summer.

         Anyhow, I've been interested in Anime for a short while. It actually was the main motivation for venturing into other interests more intensely-- learning HTML to make a Neon Genesis Website rather than just looking at them. Of course this was rather short-lived because at that time neither IE or Netscape had yet to implement style-sheets and I was too annoyed to start over. After that, I was content to look at the other Anime websites. I appreciated the efforts of their designers now that I had an inkling of the type of effort that goes into making a mediocre page, how much more then, an excellent one like many of the Neon Genesis pages here.

         After my HTML phase, I entered the "I want to be in the 6yr med. program at UM" phase. At first I thought with that would be that my Anime watching would grind to a steady halt. Instead I met/made friends with Stephanie who worked at a movie store with a bunch of anime while dumping about $300 at the same time. She was 24 and had been watching Anime a lot longer than I had-- according to her I was making up for lost time very well. Anyhow we stayed friends until I left for college- I got into the medschool program BTW.

         After a short while of being the only person in my neighborhood that watched anime I had the odd notion that I was an anime guru. This ended very quickly after meeting Allison. I remember looking for more tapes in Merlin's Bookstore-- they had everything from voodoo dolls to all of the Gundam model kits to every old board game you could think of. To make a long story short, after spending 5 hours in there with Allison, I learned that she was 23, was graduating from USF and engineering major and had more tapes in her Robotech collection that I had with all my tapes combined. We stayed in touch for about 2 days until she found a job in Orlando and moved there. Ever since, I've thought of my collection as being very small.

         After NGE, there was a short hiatus in the Anime that I actually wanted to watch at the movie store. So I started on to online games-- that was interesting. This will probably be the only non-Anime liking I'll put in here but its comprised of a certain frequency to sometimes a fanatical one, the last 2 years of my life: [If you know what this, I'm -NTDF- Vince look for me on titan sometime.]. For those of you who don't know, its a squad in Starsiege [a computer game]. I've gone from Division Commander to the reserves, and back to active duty a lot. I've also gotten a lot of people hooked on anime there as well-- their wallets hate me for it too. Anyhow they've been like a second home to me for a long time and they have a nice website too. After I came her to UM I found some anime that I liked and began buy more. Much to the dismay of my girlfriend Sandy [She didn't like Anime.] My answer to that was to take C++ because I like how Ghost in the Shell used CGI and I figured learning Visual C may help me do that kind of stuff too.

         Which me brings up to just about now. I've finished taking C and will most likely apply for an internship with Bungie software in Chicago for next summer. [Yes I know this isn't exactly how someone who is going to be in medschool should be spending their time, but its something fun I want to do.] I've also bought a few more tapes and have gotten my dad hooked on anime... when I'm not here he watches Gundam on Tv. Additionally Sandy and I aren't together, [no I didn't leave her cuz she didn't like Anime] she graduated and decided to move on. Something about me and older women-- but that's another story that has even less to do with anime.

         Ok on to the important part of this, my fav anime I like and a few websites:

Neon Genesis Evangelion

         This you should see. Any website on Anipike for this is good.

El Hazard

         I really liked El Hazard, I thought that Makoto looked kinda like Shinji. My favorite character is Fugisawa though, I found him to be really hilarious.

Record of Lodoss War

         Beautiful. I thought these were some of the most detailed backgrounds ever... Am still deciding how I feel about the second series.

Bubble Gum Crisis 2040

         I really like this series even though I'm only up to tape 5. Currently my favorite character is Priss. Sylia is just getting to be really B-tchy in my opinion.

Mysterious Play: Fushigi Yuugi

         If ever there was a series that just went on and on and on... its this one! I like it at some points but at others it tends to be really over the top on the mushy stuff.

Outlaw Star

         Helda rules! I think this was the first anime that had me pissed when a character died... in fact I'm still mad ....CLIP!! ....spoilerspoilerspoiler! (Sorry, Vince!-Nikkou.)

Vampire Hunter D

         Classic, the first anime I'd seen, it was one of those late at night Tv airings.

         Hmm... oops forgot the websites... oh well ; )


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