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If no subscription information is given,
a simple "Subscribe" as the Subject of your message and a "subscribe your@email.address" as the body of the message would be recommended.

  • º~*Ami Mizuno's Mailing list*~º (Subscribe)

  • Join Ami's wonderful mailing list! Goes out once per day Get the rarest pics, sounds, and movies alike from Sailor Moon. This is only a Sailor Moon Mailing List.

  • Catsy-chan's Sailor Moon Fan-Request Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • This ML sends out Sailor Moon pictures, mostly those requested by its members out of my personal collection of over 7,000.
    To subscribe, just send me an email with the subject line, "Catsy's ML", an' I'll hook you up. You're guaranteed to get at least one pic you haven't seen before. And if not, then make me a request!

  • Chibi-Usa's Mailing List of Kawaiiness! (Subscribe)

  • The personal Sailor Moon mailing list of Reeny/Chibi-Usa! This list does NOT fill up your inbox, and focuses on Sailor Moon discussion on topics such as the newly dubbed episodes, as well as holding polls and quizes! To join the mailing list of the cutest kid I've EVER seen, simply put "Subscribe" as the subject of your email. That's it! KAWAII!

  • Darien's Sailor Moon AVI Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • I Only Send Out Sailor Moon Avi's. Nothing Else Although I DO Put Quizzes And Stuff Like That In On My M.L.
    To subscribe, put "Sailor Moon Avi M.L." as the subject of your message.
    You'll Be On Within 2 Days (Aol People) And For Other People You Will Be On Within 2 Weeks.

  • EternalSenshi (Subscribe)

  • This is an ML in which I send out Pix, music, games, proggies etc. of SailorMoon (although I occasionally throw in other anime games, proggoes, etc.)

  • The First Sailor Scouts Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • Join the new Sailor Moon list which details the first five Sailor Scouts. You wiil recieve E-Mail of pictures sometimes music files of which ever scout you want. I will find the pictures so that you won't have to. Just E-Mail me if you want to join or if you have any questions.

  • Gran Guerrera Sailor Moon

  • Para que te inscribas automaticamente ven Esta es una mailing list de la Hermosa Guerrera Sailor Moon en espa±ol. (Sailor Moon ML in spanish.)

  • Lazybone's Sailor Moon Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • If you like to recieve a free Sailor Moon pictures and cool Sailor Moon info, then subscribe to my mailing list. You will recieve a free Sailor Moon picture every issue for you to keep. So come on. It's FREE so what have you got to lose!

  • Luna's Sailor Moon List (Subscribe)

  • If you want Sailor Moon pictures, than this is the list for you!
    I send sounds occasionally, but I don't send videos.

  • Magus' SM List (Subscribe)

  • To join, place "Magus" as your subject.
    I'll try and get your name in the list in at least a week. The first fic shall be out around Febuary 20, so please be patient.

  • Mailing list italiana di Sailor Moon (Subscribe)

  • This mailing list is the Sailor Moon Italian fan club ML.
    To subscribe" type "subscribe sm-mail" as the body of your message.

  • Meri's Sailor Moon Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • Join my mailing list! It goes out once or twice a week. I send out various Sailor Moon pictures and sounds This is only a Sailor Moon mailing list. :)

  • Moonie's Senshi Mailings (Subscribe)

  • Pics and music of Sailor Moon and other anime. Just e-mail me to get in.

  • The Moonie's SM Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • If you are a true Moonie, this is the list 4 U! I send out every 2 days with quizzes, polls, pics, wavs, and sometimes AVIs! So join, Sailor Moon Says!

  • Moon Princess's Sailor Moon ML (Subscribe)

  • This Mailing list will have pictures sent to the people who are in this ML. If you want to join, email me and say you want to join Moon Princess's SMML.

  • Neo-Sailor Moon Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • This list is for the discussion of the ever popular Anime series Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. Unique distinction of this list vs. other SMMLs: members who care for each other. :)
    To subscribe, put 'subscribe' in the body of the message.
    Be sure to check out the .

  • The Neo Sailormoon RPG (Subscribe)

  • The Neo SM RPG ML (Neo Sailormoon Role-Playing-Game Mailing List)!
    To subscribe, place subscribe moon-rpg on the body! But first, e-mail me to check for available characters, and visit for more info.

  • Nova & Sakurafires Sailor Moon Grab Bag (Subscribe)

  • Just e-mail me asking to join. And you should be sent about one sailor moon file a day.

  • <!~~Puu's SM Pic Mailing List~~!> (Subscribe)

  • My mailie list is a big hit! I send out sailor moon pics i have a webbie page too. I have quiz and scrambler and a newsletter and i am part of the OAA (Online Anime Allegiance).
    Just put Puu or Pippo as the subject headline and you're on my Mailie list!

  • Sailor Avalon's pic-a-day list (Subscribe)

  • My list sends out a Sailor Moon picture each day.
    To subscribe, just put "join" in the subject line.

  • SailorHail and PrincessLita's Moonie Mailings (Subscribe)

  • This is a cool Sailor Moon Mailing list. It has Sailor Moon Facts, pictures, wavs, midis, and avis sent out once a day. If you would like to join just put in the body of the message I want in!

  • Sailor Inner Earth's Sailor Moon Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • To join put Join at the top of the msg and in the body put Subscribe youremailaddress.
    This is a weekly mailing list you will recive a picture, or info, or sound something sailor moon. So Join Today *smile*

  • SailorMerc's Sailor Moon WAV Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • The most highly acclaimed Sailor Moon AUDIO mailing list on America Online. I send out huge mailings of wavs from the North American episodes of Sailor Moon, and I send out wavs of the songs and music from the original Japanese episodes of "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon". Why wavs you ask? Well for starters, America Online allows it's users to play wavs in the chat rooms. Second, it's very easy to convert wavs into mp2s and mp3s..not to mention the fact that you can change your desktop sounds into a Sailor Moon extravaganza with my wavs! I also do requests for my members, so do be sure to join my mailing list today! You won't regret it!

  • Sailor Moon Discussion List (Subscribe)
  • Another mailing list for the discussion of the television/manga series Sailor Moon.
    To subscribe, place the following as the body of your message:
      subscribe sailor-moon

  • Sailor Moon Fanfiction Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • This list is for fanfic authors and readers alike.
    To subscribe, type as the body of your message: subscribe smfanfic

  • The Sailor Moon Fan Fiction Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • For writers and readers alike.

  • The SailorMoon General CHAT ML

  • To subscribe, type 'Sailorspam' as the List, and your e-mail, then type submit.
    NOTE: This is a CHAT ML, not SPAM, as the name may suggest.

  • Sailor Moon List (Subscribe)
  • Yet another mailing list for the discussion of the television/manga series Sailor Moon.
    This one is based in Italy.

  • Sailor Moon Mailing List (Subscribe)
  • Yet another mailing list for the discussion of the television/manga series Sailor Moon.
    Check out the , where you can check out the archives, as well post messages to the list, subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.

  • Sailor Moon Mailing List in Spanish (Subscribe)

  • To subscribe, type "subscribe sailormoon" in the body of the message.
    Lista de Sailor Moon en español. Para suscribirse envia un mensaje a sailormoon@greenmail.net y agrega "subscribe sailormoon" en el cuerpo del mensaje.

  • Sailor Moon News (Subscribe)

  • The hottest info on Sailor Moon! Plus phone# for anime shops. Pictures, links, ect comes out with almost every news letter!

  • Sailormoon Pictures Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • To subscribe, write "Subscribe SPML" as the message. Then go to to download all the SM files you want. I will only mail members if urgent.

  • Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • A mailing list with daily pictures and information on Sailor Moon.
    Be sure to check out the .

  • Sailormoon Says (Subscribe)

  • In this Sailormoon ML you will receive pics, WAV., MIDI's, AVI's. Also there will be triva questions that a Moonie can answer. The only thing you have to do is to e-mail me and you will be automaticly be added to the list.

  • Sailormoon's Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • This mailing list sends out Sailormoon videos, pictures, sounds, and music daily.

  • Sailor Serena's Sailor Moon Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • Just mail me and tell me you wanna join! The first 10 people get a picture of their favorite Sailor Scout!

  • Sailor Trek's Sailormoon Computer Animation (Subscribe)

  • If you haven't seen much of the Sailormoon series past episode 73, this is the mailing list to join since I am going to make ORIGINAL GOOD QUALITY AVIs for the internet!
    Also for more info visit my . I will be sending out lots of info and votings on what clips YOU want to see. Clips will start being made in Late February so JOIN NOW!

  • SOS Action Team Mailing List (Subscribe)
  • The Save Our Sailors/Support Our Sailors Action Team mailing list where members promptly receive new action plans that the SOS comes up with.

  • Save Our Sailors in Australia (SOSAU) Mailing List (Subscribe)

  • Here's a Mailing List designed for Australian and World Wide Sailor Moon Fans! It's simple to sign up, just send an empty e-mail address once you hit "Subcribe" and that's it. After that, you get SOSAU updates, newsletters and more! It's a simple as "Sailor Moon Says..."

  • Ten'ou Haruka's Fanfic ML (Subscribe)

  • Hey guys! ::waves:: This is Haruka. ^_^ Basically, if you love to read fanfiction about Sailormoon, this is the Mailing list to join. I love new members and I send out usually once a week. If you want to join, click here and put something like "join" on the heading so I won't accidentally delete it or something. Click the link, I'd love to have you!

  • Tsukino Usagi's Newsletter (Subscribe)

  • Tsukino Usagi's Newsletter is focused on Sailor Moon. It comes out once a month. I send a couple pics with each e-mail.
    If you want to subscribe put "Subscribe TUN" in the subject line!

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