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Reasons Why Your Site May Be Rejected

Note: All these problems are witnessed using Netscape 4.7x. You should make
it a habit to check your pages in both Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Note 2: Why all these new rules? They're not new.
They've been here all the time. This is just the first time they've all been written down.

General Reasons

(Updated: September 24, 2001)
  • The machine your site is on was down or not working properly.

  • Some connection along the way to your site was down or not working properly.

  • Some of the text on your page is unreadable.

  • The color of your text and/or links may clash with the background you've chosen. This happens often with backgrounds that have varying colors or are animated.

  • Different lines of text are overlapping each other. This happens when your use of DHTML and/or CSS is faulty or isn't compatible with the browser.

  • Images and other things on your page are covering up the text. This also happens when your use of DHTML and/or CSS is faulty or isn't compatible with the browser.
  • Some of the images on your page are broken.

  • Do not use BMP or ART image files. These show up as broken in Netscape 4.x. Always use GIF or JPG images.

  • Also be sure that you upload your images in Binary and not ASCII mode.

  • Make sure there are no spaces in your image file's name. Netscape often shows them as broken.

  • Make sure to check the path to your image in your code. If the code is pulling the image from your hard drive, it'll look broken to everyone else.

  • Be sure to see if you remember to upload all the images you intended to.

  • Your page tried to load an image from a different server and couldn't find it. Always a good idea to keep all the images on your page on your actual server.
  • Your major links (links to the important sections of your site) are broken.

  • Announcing that some of your major links are broken is not enough. If they don't work, then don't link them.
  • Your site had nothing to do with anime, manga or japan.

  • Your page was almost or completely blank when loaded.

  • You typed in your link incorrectly when you submitted it.

  • The music on your page is too loud.

  • I always listen to music while I'm checking sites. If the music on your page is so loud that I can hear it above Led Zeppelin or DMX and I still rush to find the off button on your page because of the pain, you need to lower that volume.
  • Your page didn't load properly.

  • This can happen if the machine your page is on is having problems.

  • This can also happens if you're loading images or other things from a different machine. If that machine is down or having problems, you page may not load properly. Counters from other sites are notorious for keeping pages from loading properly.

  • This can also can happen if there's something wrong with your JavaScript or Java.
  • Your page took too long to load.

  • This happens very rarely since I use a cable modem. However, if you're trying to load an Mpeg or some other greater than 1 Meg file in your page, you need to stop. There's still plenty of people with regular modems...they definitely won't appreciate it.
  • You submitted your site via email.

  • You submitted many series based pages in the Image Gallery, Movies or Music categories.

  • We only accept 3-5 series specific pages from Image Gallery, Movie or Music sites. Anything more than that will be rejected. (We do accept multiple series specific pages in the Anime/Manga Series section, but only there).
  • The loading of your site caused too many pop-up windows.

  • This is usually only reserved for the Hentai pages, but some free web host providers are getting obnoxious with it. Anything more that three pop-ups is unacceptable. (And I'm being generous with that number...)
  • Your page is a 'coming soon' page.

  • If your site has nothing on it and says 'Come back later...', you get rejected. Submit it when you're actually ready.
  • Your page is an 'Anti-Netscape' page.

  • I've been coming across these more and more. If you won't even let someone into your site if they're using Netscape, then I won't add your site because I can't even see it.
  • Your page is 'moving soon'.

  • If it's moving soon then wait and submit it after the move. There's no point in linking a site that's going to be a dead link in two weeks time.
  • Your image or file names have spaces in them.

  • Be sure to include NO spaces in what you name your images and files. Netscape 4.x doesn't react well to spaces. The image usually shows as broken or the file as 'not found'.
  • You submitted your site in a category that wasn't accepting links that particular week.

  • If links are not being accepted in a particular category, it'll say so in a note about the pull down category menu as well as next to the category in the menu itself. For those people who couldn't bother to read such an obvious note: your site was rejected instantly!
  • Your site has been shut down because it went over its bandwidth limit for the month.

  • Even sites like Geocities are clamping down on bandwidth, so you better be careful!

Angelfire Reason

(Updated: April 23, 2001)
  • The page you created with their Basic Editor doesn't work.

Hentai Reasons

(Updated: April 23, 2001)
  • Your hentai page is on a host that does not allow adult pages.

  • Many free web hosts do not allow adult related pages on their servers. Just because you've had the page up for a while, don't even think of submitting it. There are scouts from these hosts watching the new hentai links...and waiting to kill your site the minute they see it.
  • The loading of your hentai page results in many or never ending pop-up windows.

  • If I have to spend more time closing pop-up windows than actually reading your page, you're in trouble.

Fansub Distributors Reason

(Updated: June 11, 2001)
  • You're offering fansubs for distribution or trade which are owned by US companies.

  • As soon as a title is announced as being owned by a US company, it should be removed from your list immediately. Not two weeks from now...not the day before it's officially released...Right now.

    If you want to keep up on what's been announced, take a look at the .

    And for those who say "But there are distributors on your fansub page which are distributing or trading US owned titles!"....feel free to ask these people to stop distributing those titles and/or impress upon them the importance of supporting the companies that buy the rights to your favorite series.

  • You're offering fansubs as part of your store.

  • It doesn't matter if you're not making a profit from the fansubs. If you're a commercial entity, you should know better than to sell fansubs.
  • Your site is a 'trade only' site.

  • You'll need to be willing to help out your fellow anime fan and distribute tapes instead of just trading, if you wish to be listed in the Fansub Distributors area.

Digital Fansub/Full Episode Downloads Reason

(Updated: June 11, 2001)
  • See the about Fansubs section for all the specific reasons.

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