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Kotetsu Jeeg

(c) 1975 Toei Doga, 46 Episodes.

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(c) 1997 By Guyver. All Rights Reserved.
- All Pictures are Copyrights of their respective owners -


(Steel Jeeg)


The Story:

During an archeology excavation, professor Shiba finds a little bronze bell belonging to an ancient civilization disappeared long time ago. On the bell there are many hieroglyphics but the professor decodes all of them and is now aware of the perils that threaten our Earth: the ancient evil people of Haniwa will soon be back to life and they'll try to conquer the World killing just anyone opposing to their power. There is only one thing that can stop the Haniwans, a powerful Robot with lethal weapons. Unfortunately that Robot doesn't yet exist, and the professor decides to build it himself.

The bell has another secret inside, is a powerful source of magnetic energy, so the professor decides to miniaturize it and to hide it into his son's chest. Hiroshi, that's the name of his son, will become invulnerable and will be able to transform into Jeeg: Robot of Steel.

After 25 years of that discovery, the forecast of the bell turn into reality, the evil people of Haniwa are back and they will obey only to Himika, their evil Queen. She wants to know the secrets of the bronze bell and orders to find professor Shiba to make him 'collaborate' with them. One day two Himika's soldiers stopped professor Shiba on his way home and demanded the secret of the bell; of course he refused to tell them anything about the bronze bell and so they killed him, or at least that's what they thought, since during the fight prof. Shiba fell down in a large crack. Miwa, personal assistant of prof. Shiba, founds him dying and brings him at home, where he is just able to give a tape to his son and then dies.

Hiroshi goes to the computer room to listen to the tape and after he slides it into the slot the picture of his father appears on the screen. Prof. Shiba reveals to his son the hidden power he gave him 25 years ago. Hiroshi is ready to become for the first time in his life JEEG, Robot of Steel.

Hiroshi knows he will transform into the head of Jeeg and then Miwa will send him the rest of the body through the Big Shooter (a sort of Space Jet). Thanks to his magnetic energy, Hiroshi will be able to 'hook up' all of Jeeg body parts perfectly in place.

The long war started this way will end when Jeeg will totally destroy the evil civilization and bring back the peace on Earth. This series was a true success back in the '70s and is still a good piece of work.


Author of the original manga is GO NAGAI. Arrangement of scenes is done by Hiroyasu Yamaura, Keisuke Fujikawa and Toyohiro Ando. Cartoon's directors are Yoshio Nitta, Kazuja Miyazaki, Masayuki Akehi, Yugo Serikawa and Masamune Ochiai. The new character design is done by Kazuo Nakamura. Soundtrack is composed by Michiyaki Watanabe.

Pictures from the animated series:

The Bronze Bell
This is the bronze bell discovered by professor Shiba.
Jeeg's Head
Hiroshi is changing into the head of JEEG.
Jeeg Robot Of Steel
Here's JEEG just after all of his body components are hooked up together.
Jeeg w/ drills
Jeeg and his drills.
Jeeg w/ drills
Jeeg and his drills.


Kotetsu Jeeg

[The Story] [Pictures] [Sounds] [Credits] [Back to Main Page]

Last updated: November 30th, 1997
(c) 1997 By Guyver. All Rights Reserved.
- All Pictures are Copyrights of their respective owners -

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