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Mazinger Z - To the LEFT: Koji Kabuto and Sayaka Yumi. To the RIGHT: Dr.Hell and Baron Ashura

Mazinger Z

© 1972 Toei Doga, 92 Episodes

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© 1997,1998 By Guyver. All Rights Reserved.
- All Pictures are Copyrights of their respective owners -

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Mazinger Z is a giant robot built by Dr. Kabuto to fight the evil mechanical monsters created by Dr.Hell.

Dr.Kabuto and Dr.Hell were two famous scientists: during an archeological expedition in Rhode's Island they found the ruins of an ancient society that had a technology so advanced to be able to build giant robots (called 'mechas').

When Dr.Hell realized how powerful those robots were, he had the idea to rule the world!

Dr.Kabuto didn't like the crazy ideas of Dr.Hell and decided to retire. However he was still working on two scientific projects:

He decided to use his new discoveries to build Mazinger Z: a giant robot even more powerful than those mechas he found in Rhode's Island. He knew that Dr.Hell was a mad scientist and the only way to stop him was to destroy all the mechanical monsters he found before he could activate them. Mazinger Z made with Super Alloy Z and activated by the Photo-Atomic Energy was the last hope.....

...years later...

Dr.Hell was ready to conquer the world, he ordered his servant Baron Ashura to kill Dr.Kabuto because he was the only one to know about his monsters and maybe the only one who could potentially slow down his conquest of the world. Baron Ashura destroyed Dr.Kabuto's house but fortunately just before his death Dr.Kabuto was able to show to his nephew (Koji Kabuto) his secret laboratory and the giant robot he built.

Koji got really mad because of his grandfather death! He run toward Mazinger Z willing to learn how to use it as soon as possible. Unfortunately Dr.Kabuto couldn't explain the complex instructions to correctly operate Mazinger Z but after few tries Koji was able to land with the pilder (also known as Jet Piloter in some version of the series) into Mazinger's head and from there take control of Mazinger's body.

Few days later, Dr.Hell showed his monsters to the world; they start destroying everything in their path but a new hero was already there to fight them: Koji Kabuto, now perfectly able to control his Mazinger Z destroyed all of Dr.Hell's monsters!

The story will be quite the same later, Dr.Hell will build more and more powerful monsters, Mazinger Z will have to desperately fight with all of them, but at the end he'll be victorious.

In the series other two robots are involved: Aphrodite A is a giant robot that resembles a female, it's driven by Sayaka Yumi, and Boss Borot: a Toy-Robot, built and driven by a fat funny guy called Boss. They will always provide some help to Mazinger Z in its fight for Peace.

In the beginning of the series Aphrodite A didn't have any weapons but later on the female robot will gain some power, best of all the Breast Missiles!

Some pictures of Mazinger Z

You are currently watching Picture Page #1

Koji Kabuto with Pilder
sliding into Mazinger's head

Dr. Yumi watching the pilder
sliding into Mazinger's head

Aphrodite A and Mazinger Z

Sayaka Yumi and Koji Kabuto

Mazinger Z and Jet Scrander

Mazinger Z

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Videos (AVI)

Sound files

Name Lyrics Type Size
Mazinger Z Main Theme Yes MP3 1.5 Mb
Mazinger Z Short Theme No MP3 1 Mb
Mazinger-Z Theme No MIDI 16 Kb
Mazinga Z : The Italian TV-Series Theme Yes MIDI 19 Kb
MazinRock No MIDI 62 Kb

PLEASE NOTE: To play MP3 sound files you need an MP3 decoder, if you don't have one here's a link to my favorite Windows 95 MP3 Player: WinAMP


Mazinger Z

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Last Updated: June 15th, 1998

© 1997,1998 By Guyver. All Rights Reserved.
- All Pictures are Copyrights of their respective owners -

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