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UFO Robot Grendizer

(c) 1975 Toei Doga, 74 Episodes.
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(c) 1997 By Guyver. All Rights Reserved.
- All Pictures are Copyrights of their respective owners -

The Story

Duke Fleed, the prince of the planet Fleed is forced to leave his home because the evil King Vega wants to conquer the whole galaxy and is now attacking and destroying Fleed. Duke escapes with Grendizer a spacecraft that can turn into a giant robot, and after a long journey he finally lands on Earth, where he finds life and climate similar to the one on Fleed. The prince is then saved and 'adopted' by professor Umon that calls him Daisuke. He starts to work as a stableman in a farm hiding to anyone his secret identity. Time goes by and one day Vega's troops arrive on Earth, willing to conquer it, but this time Duke Fleed doesn't want to leave again... he's gonna fight Vega with Grendizer!!

Many friends will help Duke in his fightings: Koji Kabuto (he was the pilot of Mazinger Z ) who pilots the Double Spacer, Hikaru Makiba who pilots the Marine Spacer and Duke's sister Maria Grace Fleed who pilots the Drill Spacer.

The battle is hard but at the end the Goods will triumph over the Evils and when the war is over, Duke and Maria will come back to their native planet that is slowly flourishing to a new life.

Pictures from the series: UFO Robot Grendizer

Koji Kabuto crashed and burned..

Daisuke turning into Duke Fleed.

Some shots of the Grendizer

A Vega's soldier.

Grendizer in a desperate Fight.


Go Nagai is the author of the original manga while Toshio Ketsuta transposes it into animation. From the 1st episode till the 48th the drawings are done by Kazuo Komatsubara and then from the 49th to the last (74th) the drawings are done by Shingo Araki. The soundtrack is composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi, while the arrangements of scenes are done by Shozo Uehara and Keisuke Fujikawa. Directors are Tomoharu Katsumata, Masamune Ochiai and Masayuki Akemi.

Sound Files

A .MOD Player is required to play this file. (compressed with PKzip v.2.04g). This is the Opening Theme of the UFO Robot Grendizer's TV Series aired on Italian (?) TV.


UFO Robot Grendizer

[The Story] [Pictures] [Sounds] [Credits] [Links]
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Last Updated: December 29th,1997

(c) 1997 By Guyver. All Rights Reserved.
- All Pictures are Copyrights of their respective owners -

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