Joining the Gunsmith Cats
Web Ring

If your interested in joining the Gunsmith Cats Webring, please mail me; Minnie Mayand put "Joining the GSC Web Ring" as subject.
Then add this to your page:

just replace _Your_Site_ID_ with the number of your site in the ring, _Your_Name_Here_ with your name, and _Your_e-mail_Here_ with your e-mail address.

<--!start webring HTML fragment--> <center> <a href="" target="_top"><img src="../4350/GSCnext.gif" tppabs="" align=right></a><a href="" target="_top"><img src="GSCback.gif" tppabs="" align=left></a> <img src="../4350/GSC.jpg" tppabs="" align=top border=0></a><BR> [ <a href="">Index</a> | <a href="">Queue</a> | <a href="">Add</a> | <a href="">Edit</a> | <a href="">Random Site</a> ] <p> <font size=2> <center>This <a href="GSCwebring.html" tppabs="">Gunsmith Cats</a> site is owned by <a href="mailto:_your e-mail here_"><font size=2>_your name here_</a>.</center> <br><br> Want to join the <a href="GSCwebring.html" tppabs="">Gunsmith Cats Web Ring</a>? <br><br> </font> <a href=""><img src="../../../../" tppabs="" border=0 width=107 height=58></a> <--!end HTML fragment-->
It should apper as:

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This Gunsmith Cats site is owned by _your name here_.

Want to join the Gunsmith Cats Web Ring?