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Happy Birthday, Gundam!

After twenty years, the Gundam saga is still going strong, and it's celebrating its birthday with its North American debut. See our Domestic Gundam Goods page for info on the Gundam movies, videos, and comics available thus far. Meanwhile, here's what we've been up to here at the Gundam Project.

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Mobile Suit Classics 58
MSM-10 Zock

We wrap up our first round of amphibious mobile suits with the immense, Humpty Dumpty-esque Zock, in this week's installment of Mobile Suit Classics. Next week, we'll look at the RX-79[G] Gundam from the 08th MS Team video series. In the meantime, see the MS Classics archives for more nostalgia...
Updated September 27, 1999

Gundam Works: New Format!

You'll notice some changes in our Gundam Works listings. The main page for each series, movie, video game, or other spinoff story now provides a handy index of featured characters and mobile suits, grouped by organization.
Updated September 27, 1999

G-Pick of the Week
Gundam 0079 Part One, No. 7

This week's (slightly self-interested) pick is the latest issue of Gundam 0079, a retelling of the original Gundam story drawn by Kazuhisa Kondo and published in the U.S. by Viz Comics. Not only do you get refugee revolts and bonus Char treachery omitted from the movie compilations, plus an original Kondo cover, but the background briefing by your faithful Webmaster includes a slew of all-new maps. These U.C. Insider columns won't be included in the graphic novel reprint, so pick 'em up while you can! Look for it at your local comic store, or order from Viz Communications.
Updated September 14, 1999

Gundam Goods News

We've added something new to our merchandise section - a running tally of interesting new Gundam products, both import and domestic. Read on for AnimeVillage's new titles, Gundam graphic novels, upcoming model kits, and the six mystery mobile suits you can get in G Generation Zero.
Updated September 8, 1999

G-Pick of the Week
G20 Volume 6

Each issue of this bimonthly "20th Anniversary Tribute Magazine" spotlights a different Gundam-related theme; this one provides a great survey (especially if you can read Japanese) of spinoffs and original stories, from SD Gundam to Tomino's wacky novels. It's published by ASCII, priced at ¥800 plus tax, and the ISBN code for volume 6 is 4-7561-3149-2. Here's more info on the magazine (also in Japanese).
Updated September 8, 1999

Gundam Works

We've expanded our roster of Gundam stories and spinoffs with two newcomers and two cult favorites - the brand-new Dreamcast game Rise From The Ashes, the in-progress oddity G-Saviour, the curious Plamo Kyoshiro, and the infamous SD Gundam saga. Read on for edification and amusement.
Updated September 4, 1999

G-Pick of the Week
SD Gundam Icons!

This week's nifty selection for Gundam buffs is a set of adorable SD Gundam icons, created by Talos Tsui of The Iconfactory. If you're of the Macintosh persuasion, you can download these compressed cuties to decorate your desktop. (We'll pick out something for you Windows types at some point, too.)
Updated August 29, 1999

Zeon and Neo Zeon

The latest addition to our background info section describes the origins of the Duchy of Zeon and the exploits of its successors, including the Delaz Fleet, Axis, both Neo Zeon movements, and some hapless Martian exiles.
Updated August 21, 1999