Kotomi Takanashi Ryuji Sugashita Karin Aoi Junta Momonari Ami Kurimoto Tomoko Saeki Junta Momonari Tomoko Saeki Ryuji Sugashita Ami Kurimoto Kotomi Takanashi Karin Aoi The large version of this map image...

Update Schedule!!!!
10/9/97: ^_^ I`ve updated! Every link marked with Updated! is a page I changed somehow... I was up till 5:30AM doing this... ^_^ It`s a huge update... Hopefully, within the next week, I`ll update the links and Multimedia pages... Maybe... ^_-
5/28/97: A new mini update! A Gallery page... nothing all that new, just a quicker way to get to the individual gallery pages...
5/25/97: Yes!!! The update is finally here!!!! Check out the Group Images Page! The next update will be a general update on the character galleries... how about... Monday, June 2nd?

Character Pages
Karin Aoi Updated! Ami Kurimoto Updated! Junta Momonari Updated!
Tomoko Saeki Updated! Kotomi Takanashi Updated! Ryuji Sugashita Updated!
Group Images! Updated!

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