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Director: Yoshimoto Yonetani
Copy right: Sunrise
Character design: Takahiro Kimura
Mechanic design: Kunio Ookawara

since Sep. 7th, 1999

On Air report Story 10 has updated on Jan. 31st, 1999

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On Air report Story 10 has updated

Jan 31st, 1999

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Dec 9th, 1999

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 On air starts April 1st, 1999

 "Better man" has been expected to be good title from the beginning. Because the main staff are the same as the great work "Gaogaigor". But you had better know that "Better man" is totally different type of Anime from "Gaogaigor".
 Better man can be categorized, Horror, or Bio Horror.
 According to the director Yonetani, he has been wishing to do Kaijyu movie (Meaning like Gozilla, Gamera) in Anime. However, if he simply do Kaijyu hero Anime, it will be Gaogaigor Kaijyu version. He did not want it. So, he approched to is with Horror Anime.

 In fact, Better man has very good Horror taste. It has a full of Bio technology scientific approch, but at the same time, it is horror. We AMO put it more like Bio Horror.
 And we have to declare about the well done produce, sound effect. Starting from Opening song till preview of next story, it is well produced. It is very creepy. Especially, Preview of next story which announced by calm and slow Sakura's voice is really creepy! For example, she says "Your pancreatic juice will be flooded", "Your gene will be torn". We AMO is planning to make a Video which made only with Preview of next story (Just for our internel fun!).

 We should mention about Design. Character design is quite good. Especially, girls are so cute, sexy and cool. It is absolutly in fashion. However, it does not interput the horror atmosphere.
 Our hero Keita is not typical type of Hero. He is not cool, and not brave at all. It may be new approch. His funny type of character is an accent in dark atomsphere of the story.
 We also have to mention about the design of Monsters (Better man). It is really cool. Its cool as Gamera III Gamera! The director wants to make Kaijyu Anime. So, it is no wonder that they put their power on the design of monsters (Kaijyu). We are looking forward that somebody make Action figure or Kit.
 The battle scene of Better man is very well produced. It usies excellent CG effect without interupting of Cell Anime atmosphere. (Sunrise is good at this kind of work.)

 The story is still on air. (Not yet finished.) So, we should not conclude our review. However, we strongly expect that Better man will be the remarkable title in this year, 1999.

Reported on August 10th, 1999

On Air Report
Story Title On Air AMO Report
1 Yami (Darkness) April 1,1999 Sept 17th, 1999
2 Koe (Voice) April 8,1999 Oct 4th,1999
3 Sora (Sky, universe) April 15,1999 Oct 18th,1999
4 Mezame (Wake) April 22,1999 Oct 28th,1999
5 Zigoku (Hell) April 29,1999 Nov 5th,1999
6 Kodama (Ghost) May 6, 1999 Nov 13th,1999
7 Forte May 13, 1999 Dec 3rd,1999
8 Doku (Poison) May 20, 1999  
9 Aqua May 27, 1999 Dec. 9th,1999
10 Musi (Insect) June 10, 1999 Jan. 31st,1999
11 nebula June 17, 1999  
12 Dragon June 24, 1999  
13 mitu (honey) July 1, 1999  
14 Kokoro (Soul) July 8, 1999  
15 Kage (Shadow) July 15, 1999  
16 Ututu July 22, 1999  
17 Yume (Dream) July 29, 1999  
18 Kawaki (Starve) Aug. 5, 1999  
19 Ituwari (Mirror) Aug. 12,1999  
20 Wana (Trap) Aug. 19,1999  
21 Horobi Aug. 26,1999  

Updated on Augus 7th, 1999
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Updated on Augus 19th, 1999

About Story
 AD 2006, Man kind encounters mysterious Phenomenon called "Algernon". Nothing is figure out about Algernon, but the people involved with Algernon has all dead.
 One day, the mysterious phenomenon Algernon was happened at a under ground Amusement park. Our hero Keita was in there, and he met our heroin Hinoki driving "Kakuseijin".
 Keita and Hinoki encounter a lot of mysteries and monsters. What is "Algernon"? And what is "Better man"? Why Better man helps when Hinoki and Keita are in danger? The never ending nightmare has started.

Reported August 10th, 1999

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