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This is a page dedicated to "Mintna bokura", by Wataru YOSHIZUMI ^^

And as in the other Wataru pages in here, you will find synopsis of the monthly chapters featured in the monthly shoujo manga magazine Ribon.

Mintna bokura is the latest manga from this author (creator of Marmalade Boy inbetween others), it started to be published in the July issue of the Ribon (1997) and it ended with the February issue of 2000, here I'll put synopsis of each character as soon as possible along with some images and translations! ^^

All comments are very welcome, and please, remember that these synopsis are made by fans, so don't complain and write emails adding new info or correcting if you find something wrong, all help is very welcome! ^^
(Please, ask for permission before using the background, text or any of the images in these pages, thank you! ^^)

This is the story of a couple of twins (boy+girl) and how the brother has to "cosplay" as a girl because he wants to go at the same school as his sister but... there are no more beds free for boys! ^_-

Synopsis are made by Benoit Socias , thank you very much! ^^ And they're in .TXT format :) Translations are by Dimitri Ashling, he has been very nice in letting me put his translations here! ^^ He's also looking forward for constructive critics and comments about them! ^^
(note: Noeru is in reality the direct kana version of "Noel". His name is "Noel", however, for making it easier for the ones looking at the Ribon and the trans/syns, I'm leaving it as "Noeru" ^^ )
(note2: As the tankobons are out, I'll be moving their translations and synopsis to separate pages to make this page more browseable! I also made reduced versions for the covers' icons :)

Wataru Yoshizumi's NEWS: Yoshizumi-sensei will be signing autographs at the 2000 Summer Ribon Festival at Nagoya (5.aug) and Fukuoka (27.aug). You can get special goods related to Random Walk at these events as well.

Mintna bokura info: vol.1-- ISBN4-08-856058-2 [Y410 (Y390 w/o tax)]
vol.2-- ISBN4-08-856099-X [Y410 (Y390 w/o tax)]
vol.3-- ISBN4-08-856125-2 [Y410 (Y390 w/o tax)]
vol.4-- ISBN4-08-856152-X [Y410 (Y390 w/o tax)]
vol.5-- ISBN4-08-856179-1 [Y410 (Y390 w/o tax)]
vol.6-- ISBN4-08-856199-6 [Y410 (Y390 w/o tax)]

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Mintna bokura
VOL. 04.-

     Chapter 16 (Nov'98)

 Chapter 16 translation

     Chapter 17 (Dec'98)

 Chapter 17 translation

     Chapter 18 (Jan'99)

 Chapter 18 translation

     Chapter 19 (Feb'99)

 Chapter 19 translation

     Chapter 20 (Apr'99)

 Chapter 20 translation new!!

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