Key the Metal Idol

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Animerica Vol. 5, No.2 -- Sato Hiroaki Interview/Cover Feature


Production Staff:

Story/Direction: Sato Hiroaki
Character Design: Tanaka Kunihiko
Animation direction: Ishikura Keiichi
Production: Pony Canyon

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Episode Synopses Character Info LD/VHS/DVD/CD Info  98.3.29

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KtMI Miscellaneous

Concerning Ver.14, I must warn everyone: it is both very dialogue- intensive and occasionally quite vicious. Translating this one into a synopsis will take time. (I've been working on the Program Two synopses, stay tuned).

Concerning Ver.15, I must warn everyone again: this one is going to hurt. There is one *extremely* depressing moment in the episode that is even more intense if one has listened to the first drama CD at some point before watching Ver.15.

I found a Key cel!

(Other Key cels are beginning to appear on the market. If you find any let me know--I'll probably want to buy it).

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