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NOTE: (June 18, 1999) These pages are in dire need of an overhaul -- school and work had conspired over the last year to turn me into a hermit and darn near succeeded. However, I'm currently working on a new look to the site and quite a bit of updated information. I've made a test page available for grins. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to include and I'll do my best.

Please note that if you've sent me a taping request in the past, I may have lost your e-mail address over time, due to various disk crashes and the like. I'd like to apologize for the trouble and hope that you'll be patient while I get the new site up and running. Thanks for your kind comments and your patience so far.

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Series Information: Characters, Storylines and More
Snack J: Fanfiction, Art, and Other Miscellaneous Oddities
Gatchaman Resources: Internet and Beyond
News Pertaining to Gatchaman Fandom
Frequently Asked Questions
What's New: A History of These Pages (Updated June 21, 1998)

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