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Spriggan OST Mp3 Section
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Thanks to Steve Bennett and Doug Smith of Studio Ironcat, I now have the SPRIGGAN trading card collection to post in a new gallery!!!

Well, I warned you.  Someone had to make a webpage devoted to this awesome film - it might as well be me.  For those of you out there who haven't read my review of Spriggan yet, allow me to introduce you.  One word can best descibe this movie - INTENSE!!!  I had been hearing things about this for the last year and a half through various sources - all good.  Engineered by Katsuhiro Otomo, legendary for his Sci-Fi epic, AKIRA as well as MEMORIES and ROUJIN Z, and a whole slew of others -  his latest venture proves no less ambitious.  Based on the Spriggan manga series (Striker to American graphic novels, distributed by Viz Comics) the motion picture adaptation is wonderfully violent.

The cinematography direction seems to borrow from the West's prolific action genre with pulse-pounding results.  One of my favorite examples of this is a scene (sorry for the blatent spoiler) in which our hero, Yu has gone into berserker mode, and is completely focused on taking out the mercenary, Fatman.  He crashes his humvee, drags the machine-gun turret off the vehicle, and goes running back through the snow to use it as if it were any other type of light-weight rifle.  Well, obviously not THAT light-weight...

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