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Some of the action direction is incredibly innovative, utilizing unique point-of-views you wouldn't normally expect to see - especially in an animated feature!  Sitting down to watch the import LD with our favorite movie critic Zombie, proved that point.  It had been awhile since I'd heard him mutter,"Wow... Damn... Fuck..." under his breath in amazement.

Additionally, a special note should be taken of the magnificient attention to detail when it comes to the complexities of the background designs.  Upon my viewing  of the film with Neal (our resident World-traveller), his first remark was, "Wow.  They sure did their homework.  That really looks like Turkey!"

According to legend, Earth was once home to a super-advanced civilization which possessed scientific knowledge that surpasses even the most advanced technology of our times.  Rumor has it that the relics of this civilization remain hidden in various locations, lying dormant...

In the late twentienth century, military forces around the world have begun competing to excavate these relics, capable of unleasing incredible power.

This message plate is a warning to us written by someone from this ancient civilization, which perished as a result of its own unchecked technological progress.  It read simply, "Protect our legacy from evil forces."

Only one organization has taken this message to heart - the ARCAM Foundation.  Its sole mission: To safeguard and seal away the technology of this super-advanced civilization.  The special agents of the ARCAM Foundation are known as...

The story itself is a sort of cross between Raiders of the Lost Ark, Soldier, and Stargate. Archeologists have discovered the Arc incased in an iceberg - as in the one that Noah built in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Enter our main character, Yu Ominae - part of the ARCAM Foundation.  Title:  SPRIGGAN.

In fact, he's ARCAM's top operative.  The film opens with our hero dozing off in his high school class, just another day.  That is, until one of his classmates straps a bomb to his chest and blows himself to kingdon-come!  Scalled across the student's shirt reads, "NOAH WILL BE YOUR GRAVE!"  How nice.  Must be a Glee-Club thing...

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