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Hello! Welcome to The Temple of the Strong!

I'm a terrible person I know. I took a look through the whole page (something I've neglected to do for quite some time now) and was shocked. Although all the pictures I uploaded personally are still in tact (i.e. the galleries), just about every other image is dead. Even if the links work, the image is still down. I dont know why this happened, or how, but it made me realize that I really need to just sit down and revamp this site. It's been up for 4 years, and hasn't undergone any major work in all that time. When I do this though, the page will change drasticly, I've been meaning to do it for a while. Although the page will remain a Sailor Uranus shrine, I plan to put up a more personal section with things like my *real* art, as opposed to the computer doodles currently in the Cosplay section, as well as photographs and some of my other intrests. Anyway, you get the idea. Just stay with me! I promise it will happen this time!

Also, if you've e-mailed me with links, please send them again. My server has been down, and I'm not getting all the mail I should be, also my IM name has changed to "BalineseWeiss", if you wish to contact me there. Thanks for sticking with me!

*Help Needed!*
Okay everyone! I have a task for you! This is really important...Almost all my links are old and dead, I need new ones! Send me all your favorive links, including your own sites! Sailor Moon related, Sailor Uranus related, hey, send other favorite anime links! Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi, Sakura..anything you're into! This way, all the links on my site will be viewer chosen! I think it'll be great! That way it's not just my links, it's everyones! Please send sumissions in like this:
Name: Sailor Uranus: The Temple of the Strong
Series: Sailor Moon
See? That's all there is to it! Hope to be hearing from everyone as seen as possible! Ja ne!

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Everything on this page probably in some way belongs to The Goddess Naoko. The scans are mine, but drawn by her. The page is mine, but the characters belong to get the idea. So don't sue me. (You wouldn't get more than 1/2 a penny anyway...)