Recent Renovations in the Mansion...

Hello minna^_^

Okay, let me tell you this first... Thank you and welcome again. I 
created this room so that you guys don't have to waste time roaming 
through the entire Mansion to find any updates if they don't have 
any... ^_^; You might break something while walking around. 
 *jyodan deshou*

So, here's the easy way to know what's on or what's down... You know,
renovationg a BIG house like this take a lot of $_$ and money... It may 
take a few days, a week, a month the most to renovate every part... often
So, here's where you can see and scan through what's new ^_^


18/09/2001 - Wow.... a year since i did any renovations here.... this is bad... hahaha....
                        Anyway, I only have a few things done in the Other Fanfiction Library. Check that out also the manga
                       Irony of life.
29/09/2000 - This is terrible. It's been so damn long since I've been rummaging through this
             page. But finally I came up with some things.
             I posted ...
              - The lost lemon chapters of The Tormented Heart of Flawless Beauty
                Part One and Part Two
              - Living In A Tangled Skein
              - Hair...
              - Let's Go Skating!
              - Magazine Page for the Best Student (Also a songfic to – Kuchibue ga Kikoeru)
             Hope you enjoy it. I dunno when would I be able to update again.
             Hiei : Don't eat to much so you'll have less fat and be more attentive and
            Koorime Yukina : Hiei, I'm going to collage and i need that hardworking for my
                             homework not fic writing.
             Hiei : AH! Good then! So you'll have less time to humiliate me!
             Koorime Yukina : Shut up Hiei, there's another fic in my Hard Drive that's almost
07/04/2000 - Wahh, it has been this long since I've updated? This is bad... hehehe... but time
             really doesn't let me do so... Yeah... that's a lame excuse... hehehe... but
             anyway... I've did some updates...
             I posted 2 ficcies.
              - YYH - The Courting Fire Demon (In the East Wing Library)
              - Weiß Kreuz - Birthday (In the West Wing Library)
             Also 5 Pictures (In the Doujinshi Scans Section)
              Hope you enjoy it! Mail me if u like it or hate it! Ja!
29/01/2000 - Okay, the first update of the year ^_^ hehehe.... Basically, 
             my new year was fine.... very fine.... got spend it with the 
             nicest people in the world! ^__^. I came here to post another
             ficcie. It's done in less that 3 days but I only have time to
             post it now... the lost lemon chapters will be up shortly
             though. ^__^ It came up rather longer than i expected. 

             I posted one ficcie!
              - The Tormented Heart of Flawless Beauty

             I hope you enjoy it! mail me if you have time! Ja minna!

26/12/1999 - Yes, another update in less that 24 hours! hahaha.... anyway
             I came back to post up a few things. My Christmas was nice...
             Got to spend it with my mother... ^__^ hehe... I hope you
             guys are having the same happy Christmas as me ^_^. Finally,
             I finished and managed to post the doujinshi I promised...
             Tell me if you like it! 
             I posted 2 ficcies!
              - Torture Instruments
              - Coffee Time

             I posted 3 doujinshi
              - Running Imagination (NC-17)
              - Against the Wall 
               -> this two can be found at the Dj scan section 
              - Yukina's Brother (40 pages)
               -> This can be found at the DJ manga section            

             That's it for this year!!! See you guys in the next 
             Millennium!!! Ja, mata aimashou ne! Omedetou Gozaimasu!

25/12/1999 - Yes, It's Christmas!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!! Yes, 
             as you can see, there are some changes around... ^_^ I've
             done some thing here and there... yes, i've finished the
             doujinshi I've promised everyone... but i need time to upload 
             it. It's 40 pages. But I'll just satisfy your hunger for a
             while with this one fic. But I'll update soon. In one or two 
             days time. ^__^, enjoy!

             I posted a ficcie!
              - A Merry Little Christmas 

21/11/1999 - Tomorrow's a speacial day ^_^ Do NOT ask me why. Some people
             might know the reason and some may not ^_^ anyway, i don't
             wanna talk about it ^_^. Still, I am posting something. Weird
             ne? This time, my fic will be not as normal. It has Illustrations
             in between the stories. Hope you guys enjoy it ^_^ Next, I
             will be posting my doujinshi manga.... When? Don't ask...

             I poster up a fanfic!
              - Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

20/09/1999 - Am I fast or what? Insane maybe hehehe... anyway, i just
             updated this page yesterday, what am I doing in here again?
             Hehe... i updated it of course! I added one of my first 
             doujinshi manga ^_^. I'm still experimenting on stuffs
             so please forgive me for the ugliness and distortions ^_^
             Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu!!

             I posted up a doujinshi manga!
              - Two Of A Kind

19/09/1999 - Hmm... it's a tough life... hehe... but then, we have to
             live through it, rite? hehe... anyway... i got my scanner
             at last! YAY! hehe... and i experimented it on one of my 
             fanart ^_^ here, enjoy!

             Sorry no fics this time but hey, i posted up a doujinshi!
              - Hiei in a wedding dress!

30/08/1999 - I'm on a one day holiday tomorrow! Independence day! And that 
             means I'm having my one week break SOON after that! haha.... 
             god... exams... i hate them! they just spoils your year... 
             life i mean... So, what have i been doing lately? I read a 
             new manga, Hunter X Hunter... and i did a fanfic out of it!
             So... that means... I'll be doing a YYH X HxH crossover 
             ficcie! hehee.... In the mean time...

             I added a Hunter X Hunter ficcie
              - Skate 'N' Spiders

24/08/1999 - Well, I'm craving for the holidays hehe... anyway, nothing big 
             happend to me recently... and i found one of my fics in a disc
             and decide to put it up here after asking Emerald-san about it!
             Thanks! And I'll be waiting for your fic hehe....
             Emm... sorry if the title alarms you a bit... but i 
             assure you it's nothing tooooo big of a damage... muahaha..!!!

             I added a YYH fic
              - Stupid Fucking Kitsune              

07/08/1999 - Oh my god... it's been so long since i ever did anything here ^_^
             *I think i wanna faint* Sorry for the delay and boredom...
             I was up to so much of things. But here i am, back as hyped up as
             ever ^_^!

             I added a YYH fic
              - Forever Fornever

30/05/1999 - Well... been a long time since anything new happened here.
             I promised myself to post up this epic a month ago but anyway
             it's already here. So enjoy. What have i been up to? Yesterday
             Siew Lee and I went to an amusement park and we had TONS of
             fun despite waiting for the long queues for the rides. We
             sang lot's of YYH soundtracks ALOUD while waiting and kept yelling
             "TASUKETE KURE YO!!" on every life endangering rides. All in
             all, it was great, ain't it Siew Lee-chan? But it was sure to be 
             better if Kitsane-koi was there as well...

             Added a YYH epic
              - The Way Destiny Talks, Is The Way We Obey 
                (A Triangle Love's Story)

03/05/1999 - Wow... a week more to go. Where? Haha... actually, it's not
             a where... it's a what! What? My MID-YEAR! *gasps in horror*
             Yes, there comes my nightmare... And I'm still blur about 
             Physics since i don't get any tuition for it. I hope i caan get 
             A1 for it! *Ganbatte, Bulma-chan! You can do it!* Yes!

             Ne, eventhough I'm in a very busy mode these days, still
             i have time to dig up a fic in my disc and post it up here!
             Consider it as a victory number one achived!
               - Together Forever
25/04/1999 - Hehe... minna-san! I managed to squeeze 40 Additional Maths
             question in 5 days! sugoi, ne? Hehehe... *boy do i have a
             headache now* Siew Lee-chan!!!! Tasukete kure...!!! 

             I had proudly posted two more fics which i had dug out from
             my hardrive...
               - Into The Cave
               - The Ankoku Wish

11/04/1999 - 5 days more!! Then it's a sweet... oh, i passed that...
             A dreadful 17? nah, too weird... A Bulma's 17! Yeahaha!! 
             Added two YYH fics
               - Sex Education
               - A One Night Stand  

07/04/1999 - Hi!!! It's countdown to my birthday 9 more days to go! Then
             I'm officially 17!! Can you imagine it? Living all these while 
             to wait until you're leggal for all those NC-17 stuffs? nyehehe...
             Anyway, i haven't updated this page for a while cause i just
             shifted hmoe. So the line was a bit cranky and all... anyway,
             here I am! Back from the... Silent Hill? Hahah that's the
             latest RPG I played...^_^;

             Added a YYH fanfic
               - Yukina's Curse

24/03/1999 - Muahahha... i got A1 for my Biology test! Can you believe
             that? Nah, I'm sure Siew Lee gets higher than me *wink wink*
             Anyway, I'm proud. That's all. Oh Hiei! Oh god! I love you
             soooo much!!!!
             Added a YYH fanfic! 
               - Homescience              

13/03/1999 - Haha... I got 98% for my English essay today. But i threw it 
             into the rubbish bin. Why? I had a fight with my father 
             regarding one cousin of mine who drew some stuff on my
             Hiei scroll!!! *-*; I cried for two days and my dad was
             mad at me. He accidentally saw my english essay testpaper
             and said that it was horrible. I was so angry i trashed the
             Mended the broken link of...
              - I'll Always Be By Your Side *thanks Rose-chan!*
             Posted a fic...
              - My So Called Life crossover with Can't Hardly Wait
                (In the second Fanfiction Library)
10/03/1999 - I did my Bios Logos exam today *Biology*. And also Modern
             Mathematics. *sighs in relieve! But then gasps back in 
             horror* History!!!!!! I have History test tomorrow! And 
             I'm still here. But i don't want to get all overloaded 

            Posted two more Yuu* Yuu* Hakusho fics... ^_^
             - I Don't Like You, I Love You...
             - I'll Always Be By Your Side ( From Kuwabara'a Point Of View )

01/03/1999 - At last, say buh-bye to February's Physics test! You're 
             history... Muahahha.... *Did okay in it, didn't have a heart
            Posted two Yu* Yu* Hakusho fics - Sunburn
                                            - Sayuri's First Day At School

23/02/1999 - Made this page!
            Posted a Final Fantasy VII fic - Truth Told On A Journey
            Posted a Yu* Yu* Hakusho fic - School Carnival

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