You  are  now  entering  Bulma's  Manga  Mansion

Irrashaimase, minna! Koko wa shin Bulma no manga ga uchi... ^_^
Irrashaimase... At last, you reached the Manga Mansion. Maintained by
your host, Bulma. Well, just imagine this place looks like the mansion
in Resident Evil and you'll get the spirit going.
Okay, this is a page dedicated to my group, 'D' SG's and my favourite 
animes Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragonball. You'll find mostly original fics 
here by me. Maybe a few other itsy bits about mangas and stuffs.
Thank you to 'D' SG's for their support. The SG's are ME, Nadya, Ezie, 
Nana, Jaja, Sya, Deena, Fieza, Izan, Ena and last but not least my Abbs! Not 
my abs but Abbs. Get that clear? And not forgetting my friend n0_hAnDLe, 
Siew Lee (of course you!), Tasuki-chan, Sylvia, Abboy and if anyone of
you guys that doesn't have your names here and wanted it to be engraved
here... please... do complain. Vegeta would be all ears for it. 
*Warning* Complain at your own risk!
This page is brought to you by the letter T, R, I, P, O, D and the 
number 3. Why? How many eyes does Hiei have?  
And not forgetting the disclaimers. You don't have to shower me with 
lawsuits. It won't work. I will just hide myself in one of the locked
room in this mansion. And I won't tell you the combination to open it.
Yu Yu Hakusho is rightfully owned by Yoshihiro Togashi-sama, Shueisha 
Inc., Jump comics and any other companies that spawned them. Dragonball
is fully owned by Akira Toriyama-sama, Shueisha, Bird Studio, Jump Comics
and also any other companies that spawned them. I am just helping in 
promoting them. Nah, no need to thank me. I'm doing this for free cause
tripod is kind enough to let me do it.
So, I think that'll do it. It'll save me from any lawsuits. Which i don't 
have money to pay with. I'm still saving money to buy Dragonball and Yu
Yu Hakusho merchandises.     

Sections of the Manga Mansion

East Wing ~ Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction Library
This room is hosted by our favourite youko. Get more knowledge by entering here, and beware of the three eyed fire demon who's watching over the host!
West Wing ~ Other Mangas Fanfiction Library
This room is hosted by the three eyed demon. Who's always cutting on his job, busy with his other personal thingies... shesh... Find fics from other mangas here and have fun...
About Yaoi
Wanna know what yaoi really is? Get what it really, really means here...
Southern Basement - Yu* Yu* Hakusho Art Gallery
Hosted by our four Reikai Tantei, you should know that this is a big place... humungus... gigantic... This is where i store the pics! Anyway, put on your seat belts and feast your eyes!
North Tower - Bulma's Sleeping Chamber
I know... I know... you guys are kind enough to come again... Doumo! here's where you can see if there's anything new... ^_^ My updates are all here ! ^_^;
Get Backers - House of Mitoban and Ginji
Follow this gate to the cozy house down the lane which belongs to Mitoban and Ginji. Find fanfictions, fanarts and info about the get Backers manga.
Hiei's Virginity Club
Join in the club! Support the idea of Hiei being a virgin in his years of staying with his foster youkai bandit parents! Interesting Hiei fics and pics, send messages, post fics, post fanarts with the message boards and support the Jaganshi!

Ningens and youkais had found their way to a sacred place in Reikai... ^_^;

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Ningens and youkais wanna get slayed by me... hehehe....
*Bulma bonks Hiei on the head* Hiei! You're scaring them away!

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