Code Name: Sailor V

HI!! I'm Minako! I'm 13 years old and in grade 7 at the Shiba District Junior High! One day, I met a sassy cat named Artemis and he told me that I am the fighter of justice, Sailor V!!

I'm Artemis. I'm a smart tomcat.

No you're not! You're a lazy transexual sassy cat who talks too much.

Mina. I'm not lazy and I'm not a transexual.

Artemis IS a girls name.


<*Having fun you two?*>

Hi Boss.

This is my wonderful pen. It helps me get my homework done correctly, and it lets the Boss talk to us.

Mina, no. Don't use the pen for homework.

There's one other person who helps me out as Sailor V. He's the coolest idol ever! His name is Kaitou Ace and we really don't know much about him. He has his own TV show and one time when I was fighting the Dark Agency, he used playing cards to defeat the enemy. He's soooooooo cool!

Mina, don't you think you should tell everyone what Code Name: Sailor V is, instead of daydreaming about Ace?

But he's so cool, Artemis.

*sigh* Code Na-- ah?

I'll handle this, cat. Geez, imagine if Pen-Pen or Shinji could talk too? As the baka cat was saying...

Baka cat?

AS THE BAKA CAT WAS SAYING, Code Name: Sailor V is a manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. It ran from summer 1991, to late 1997, and has 15 chapters compiled into 3 books released by Kodansha comics. It tells the story of Aino Minako and her fight against the Dark Agency, and the Pets, taking place around one year before Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

Minako does NOT live England, nor does she visit there. She does take a trip to Greece, but that's as close as she gets. The England storyline was created by the Anime version of Sailor Moon, and has nothing to do with the Code Name: Sailor V manga.

Mina's Friends

I'm back now. Thanks Asuka.

Hikaru: Hikaru is my best friend. She's in my class in school. We have a lot of fun together.

Amano: Amano is just some nerd in my class. He's okay, I guess. He knows a lot about computers and video games though.

Motoki: He works in the Crown Game Center.

Oops. I can't seem to find any pictures of my friends. As soon as I can find some, I'll put them up here. Sorry everyone.

I'm Asuka Langley Souryu. I'm the second child, pilot of Evagelion Unit-02...

Yes, but you're not in this series.

I don't care.

Sailor V's Allies

I'm Artemis. I'm the one who gave Mina her powers.

And this is Kaitou Ace.


Yes, Mina, Ace. As Minako said earler, we still don't know much about him, though he does seem to be on our side.

Sailor V's Equipment

I have two items I use to fight the Dark Agency. Artemis, can I have another item?

No, you can't. I don't want to give you anymore.

Why you stingy sassy transexual.


<*This is Sailor V's pen. With this item, I can communicate with Artemis and V-chan. She also uses this to transform into Sailor V.*>

And to do my homework!


Stupid cat. Alright, this is my Cresent Moon Compact. Such a fabulous compact it is. I can use this to turn into anything I want, from a rock star, to a cute boy. It's also used to attack the enemies with Cresent Beam. After every fight it has to be recharged though. Leave it to Artemis to give me a defective item.

Sailor V's Enemies

My main enemy is a group known as the Dark Agency. They're trying to take over Japan by stealing the energy and money of the people. The Tokyo division is run by someone called Danburite, but we're not sure who he takes his orders from.

The second group of enemies I've had to fight were the Pets. These were three strange creatures who controlled various animals in Tokyo. I just hope Boss was right when he told us Chuu-Chuu was the last one.

The Link

This section explains the connection between MY series, Code Name: Sailor V, and that other series, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. WARNING: This section contains major spoilers, so if you're still reading the manga, I strongly suggest you don't go in here yet. However, if you don't care about spoilers, come on in!!

Well, now that you know a little about me and my series, I hope you'll take a look at it. That's Code Name: Sailor V. Sometimes called Code Name wa Sailor V. Notice how there's no Moon or Bishoujo Senshi in the title? WAI!!

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