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This is an archive of all of the past "Last Exit" columns I've written. Be advised, web sites go up and down constantly, so it's a near certainty that some of the links in the old columns will no longer be valid. If there's a topic you'd like to see in a future column please let me know!

2000 Archives

January 2000
Shojo Month
February 2000
Voice Actor Pages
and Voting Pages
March 2000
Fan Voice-Acting Pages
April 2000
Rental Find Sites
May 2000
Webzines Again
June 2000
Exploring the Turnpike
(Part 3)
July 2000
Card Captor Sakura Sites
August 2000
Escaflowne Sites
September 2000
Image Galleries
October 2000
Sport-related Anime Sites
November 2000
Exploring the Turnpike
(once more)
December 2000
Shopping the Turnpike

Foreign Language Archives

August 2000
Portuguese Sites
December 2000
Spanish Sites

1999 Archives

January 1999
February 1999
Romantic Anime II
March 1999
Pokémon Sites
April 1999
Dirty Pair Sites
(Last Exit From Hell)
May 1999
MP3 Sites
June 1999
Exploring the Turnpike
(Part 1)
July 1999
Computer Goodies
August 1999
Convention Pages
September 1999
Slayers Pages
October 1999
Gundam Pages
November 1999
Exploring the Turnpike
(Part 2)
December 1999
Shopping Guides
and Miyazaki

1998 Archives

January 1998
Fushigi Yuugi Sites
February 1998
Romantic Sites
March/April 1998
Fan Fiction Sites
May 1998
Anime Central Potpourri
June 1998
Miscellaneous Anime
Sites (Part 1)
July 1998
Miscellaneous Anime
Sites (Part 2)
August 1998
Anime Expo Potpourri
September 1998
Selected Sailor Moon
October 1998
Spooky Sites
November 1998
Rurouni Kenshin Sites
December 1998
Anime Gifts

1997 Archives

May 1997
Ranma ½ Sites
June 1997
Tenchi Muyo Sites
July 1997
Anime Review Sites
August 1997
Anime Expo Potpourri
September 1997
Anime Club Sites
October 1997
Evangelion Sites
November 1997
Anime Webzines
December 1997
Commercial Sites

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