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Link Submission Basics

Current Basics

(Updated: September 24, 2001)
Browser used to check links: Netscape Communicator 4.75 (Windows)
Number of links submitted each week: 800+
Starting Date & Time for Link Submission Mondays at 8:00 A.M.
Eastern Standard Time
(New York City Time)
(Unless otherwise stated)
Current Ending Date and Time for Link Submission:
Mondays at 9:00 P.M.
Eastern Standard Time
(New York City Time)
Sites currently having difficulty accessing: &
Current Backlogged Sections: Anime/Manga Series
How can I find out if my link was accepted? Look for your link each Monday on our New Links page.
Can I submit my link through email? No. Only through our online form.

After You Submit a Link Basics

(Updated: April 24, 2001)
How long should I wait when I first submit my link? Wait two weeks from when you first submit your site. Check the New Links page during these two weeks to see if you've been accepted.
And if I haven't been accepted after two weeks? Re-check the Reasons Why Your Site May Be Rejected page to see if any of those reasons apply. Fix any problems you find if necessary. Submit your site again and wait another two weeks. Check the New Links page during these two weeks to see if you've been accepted.
And if I still haven't been accepted after the additional two weeks? Email your URL to and ask for the status of your submission.

Basics Questions & Answers

(Updated: September 24, 2001)

Why are you using Netscape instead of Internet Explorer? Most people use Internet Explorer!

While most people use Internet Explorer, 10% of AniPike users still use some form of Netscape. That's still a considerable number of users that must be taken into consideration when setting policies for the site.

Many pages these days are designed either with IE in mind or with IE as a base. Some of these end up becoming pages which have varying degrees problems in Netscape 4.x, while they look fine in Internet Explorer 4.0+ (which does have more features, but is also more forgiving of bad HTML code than Netscape).

As long as Netscape 4.x is still used by so many users, it will be used to check the validity of pages and weed out the ones with problems. (The majority of these problems are quite fixable through proper validation of a page's HTML code, a slight change in code or the addition of a Netscape specific page).

Why are you using Netscape 4.x instead of 6.0?

Only 5% of the AniPike's Netscape users use 6.0. When the number of Netscape 6.0 users surpasses the number of Netscape 4.x users, then either Netscape 6 or Internet Explorer 5 will start being used to check the validity of pages.

C'mon! Just accept my link! The Internet Explorer people will be able to see it!

The great majority of pages look fine in both browsers, so most of you have nothing to worry about.

For those who know there's a problem with their page in Netscape, think of it this way: Would you want 10% of the people who come to your site to leave because there's something wrong with it?

The more popular your site becomes, the larger that 10% will become. I know there would be a lot immensely pissed off AniPike users if I didn't make the site accessible to both browsers. Your average web user is pretty fickle to begin with; Don't give them an extra reason to leave your site.

My suggestion would be to run your page through an which should help you clean up your HTML code. Also, learn how to use and properly. Incorrectly coded tables and frames result in the great majority of problem pages that I come across. Also learn about and as well.

Why can't I get my link listed?

Read up on our Reasons Why Your Site May Be Rejected page.

Why wasn't my link listed in the category I selected or in all the categories that were appropriate?

Probably because your link was actually more appropriate in a different category or because your link wasn't specific enough to be listed in the category you chose.

Say you submit your page...and it has links to pages about the series Evanbelly-on, Crunchy Muyo, and Lister of the Valley of Smeg as well as a page of Animated Gifs. Your link would be added to the Personal Pages section because the page itself isn't specific enough to go in the Anime Series or Image Gallery section.

You would have to submit the specific links for each of those series and the animated gifs page in order to get them listed in the category you'd like.

What happens if I submitted a link in a 'Current Backlogged Section'?

It means that it'll usually take an extra week or two for your site to be checked. You can check back here to see if the category you submitted your site into is still backlogged.

What is 'Eastern Standard Time'? I've never heard of it before.

Eastern Standard Time represents the time zone where I live....for example, it represents the time in New York City. If you wish to find out what time 8:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time is where you live, try the .

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