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"Card Captor Sakura", Manga: ęCLAMP/Kodansha; Anime: ęCLAMP/Kodansha/NHK/NEP21. All pictures(except for pictures used for webrings(except for Animanga Fanart Ring and Kero-chan's Card Captor Sakura Ring), mascots, advertisements, and guest fanart), ęKittyhawk. Translation is merely so that English-speaking readers can fully understand the manga as they are viewing it. Please do not use anything on this page unless you ask Kittyhawk for permission. Thank you and goodnight.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hiya! Welcome to the *Cutie Cutie* Card Captor Sakura Page! I'm your host, Kittyhawk! I translate, draw fanart of, and write a fanfiction of Card Captor Sakura, which is my favorite series by CLAMP!

No, there will be no pictures by CLAMP on my site (except for webrings and stuff like that). CLAMP has asked that none of their pictures be shown on the Internet. But they said fanart is okay. ^_^ If you have any fanart you want to contribute, tell me!!

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