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Fanfictions other than the usual... ^_^

Okay, you came here by accident, here's to go to Yuu Yuu Hakusho's fanfics, or Get Backers fanfics. They have too much of a collection i can't stuff it here...

Dear Boys

The True Insides Of Us
Ishii and Miura, Aikawa and Fujiwara... cute couples aren't they? Find out what did Miura do to Ishii when Ishii can't dunk a ball and Fujiwara's true feelings. Yaoi, Lemon.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII - Truth Told On A Journey
A one night stand with Vincent at Ghost Hotel reveals Cloud's past. Sephiroth? Was he just Cloud's mere idol? Yaoi, Lemon.
Final Fantasy IX - A Night of Comfort
Zidane was feeling down due to Dagger's departure to take the throne of Alexandria. Blank happened to be there to irritate and comfort him. What do you think is on his brain? Yaoi.

Hunter X Hunter
Skate 'N' Spiders
My first Hunter X Hunter ficcie!! Yattaze! hehe... just a short one about Clapika and Kirua. Mild Yaoi.
I'll watch
Killua was assigned to watch over Clapika as the other boy takes a wash after one tiring day. Out of mild curiosity, Killua made Clapika angry just to see those wonderful red eyes of his.
Shonen Ai, Citrucy

Weiß Kreuz
Weiß Kreuz - Birthday
It's Omi-chan's birthday!! Or was it? Nah, it's not... it's 28th of February... But someone still wants to celebrate it with him! Guess who this darling is? Mild Yaoi.
Aya : Takatori..., SHINE!!!
Bulma : *sweatdrops* mind him, he still has nightmares... Wait, Aya-chan!!! I'm coming!

Kyou and Ippei’s Series

Boku... Honto ni Kimi o Ai Shiteru?
Akira likes Mei, but Yuuki likes Akira. But Akira would soon realise who he really loves after the appearance of Junya-chan (ahh!!kawaii!!) and the departure of Yuuki to a remote area so he could treat patients there.
Yaoi, kleenex, lemon...

Family Ties
Akira cancelled a date with his mother and Yuuki to go out with his friends. But it turned out albeit his wishes to be boring and lonely. And he later found out about a gossipi about Yuuki being his mother's boyfriend. What was his reaction?
Shonen Ai, WAFF...

A Tidal Wave in the Sea
Yamada wanted to marry Konomi... but she doesnt. It leaave Kyou to linger around with his sadness until he was involved in an accident. He was temporarily paralysed and thought that Yamada's kindness towards him was nothing more than sympathy. What was he to do?
Shonen Ai, kleenex, WAFF...

Card Captor Sakura

Tears of Agony
A new girl transfers to Yukito and Touya's school. And being the nice person Yukito is, he entertained the girl until Touya felt jealous. Added with Sakura's witness of Yukito hand in hand with the girl, Touya was down in the dumps. Is this a misunderstanding? Shonen ai, kleenex...

We Can Be A Family… Can We?
Li was admitted to hospital and Yukito took care of him. Touya was uncomfortable with Yukito's comments saying that the three of them looked like a family. What was he to do? Shonen ai, waff...


Your Pain Equals to Mine
Shuuichi reflects his life with Yuki after being raped by that no good basket Aizawa fromw ASK. He decided to exit himself from Yuki's life. What would Yuki do about it? Would he let Shuuichi slide away just like that?
Shonen Ai, kleenex, Mild Citrus...

Listen With Our Eyes and Look With Our Ears… That’s How A Misunderstanding Occurs…
Shuuichi was in the SLUMPS! Yes... again... and to make it worse, he misunderstood Tohma's kindness and affection towards Yuki to be against his will! Was he about to give it up all for Yuki? What was Yuki to do with an idiot like that? Would Hiro leave his friend die?
Shonen Ai, kleenex, Mild Citrus, WAFF...

Irony of Life

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Waku and Junya are again having another fight. Does Waku truly hate Junya?
Shonen Ai, WAFF...


A Day In Life Of A Rock Band…
This is a school assignment I did some time ago, about a group of Rock Band passing one day of their lives. I borrowed Luna Sea's name but changed the band member's names... ^_^
Mild Shonen Ai *Ey! it's a school's assignment!*

Fame And Visibility
A vampire's boring life lead it to wanting to be a performer. He finally succeded into bringing a new age fashion streak. Even his 'maker' was proud of him. What does he want to do next? Another stupid school assignment i did last year...
Somehow yaoi free? maybe a slight implication of mild shonen ai...

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