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I invite you to read...

Ice Cream Treat
This is about Kurama being asked by a new classmate to have ice cream with her. Kurama brings Hiei along and the girls were up for a surprise! Yaoi.
Oh Boy!
This fic is mainly about Kirishima. One of the extra's in Yu Yu Hakusho. He began to realise what a babe Shuuichi Minamino was and started dreaming about him. Wonder who's he? Mild Yaoi
48 Hours
Kurama turns back into youko form for 2 days after being attacked by a youkai. Kurama ran back to Makai to hide from Shiori with Hiei. What's Hiei's reaction to it? Lemon.
The Hallway To - A Shatterred Koorime Heart
Kurama have a guest and Hiei, being his own self caused Kurama to slap him for being rude. Hiei's heart is hurt. What would Kurama do? Yaoi.
Kurama was held hostage in school... Yuusuke and Kuwabara comes to resque. A few weird things happened and Yuusuke was dumbfounded. Could this be real?? Mild Yaoi
Drinking Experience
Kurama's school is having a party... practically he got drunk. And Yuusuke and Kuwabara comes with a 'Sukebe' book. Appropriate or not, find out for yourself! Mild Yaoi
Chicken Pox
Kurama get's Chicken Pox! And he's not going to see Hiei. Mild Yaoi
The Hallway To - Occult Worshippers
Kurama was in drama club, and he met with a couple of senior students who seemed to be occult worshippers. They got themselves into trouble and guess who is going to help? Yaoi, Citrus
Kurama & Hiei
What did actually happened after Kurama and Hiei were to be captured by the Reikai Tantei? How did they ended up being a Reikai Tantei themselves? Yaoi.
Kuwabara's Worst nightmare About Hiei And Kurama (And A Little Confession)
Kuwabara was about to face his deepest fear... Homophobia. Yaoi.
Fun Fair Party
What ever happens when The Reikai Tantei decided to organise a fun fair? What they were to open a dunking booth? Who would be the dunking boy? Yaoi
Singing Hiei
Kurama discovers something unbelievable... Hiei could actually sing! What's he going to do about? Yaoi
I Miss You
Hiei can't get back to Ningenkai to see Kurama. And Kurama thought that he had forgotten him, until Yuusuke told him otherwise. Yaoi
A meeting between Makai Lords were held and Mukuro couldn't make a decision, just because Hiei was on holiday! What would she do? Yaoi
The Hallway To - Karasu Came Back
Is Karasu really dead? No one knows for sure... Yaoi
Reikai Tantei Kit (A Songfic To - Koori No Naifu O Daite)
A simple misunderstanding could cause a kitsune's broken heart. Yaoi
Plastic Surgery
Mukuro wants to marry Hiei and only one way to do it. She has to look like Kurama. Supposed to be a parody fic. But, i leave it to you to decide. Mild Yaoi.
Kurama reaches puberty at 15. What was on his mind then? Sex? Or even his kaasan? Yaoi.
The Lagoon Incident
Kurama gets a new car and Kuwabara won free tickets to the new water theme park. When could be a better day for Yuusuke-tachi to have a break? Yaoi
It's Hiei's birthday... things gets bad when he looses his powers and gets worse when a youkai picked this particular moment to attack him. Mild Yaoi
The Rubber Tunnel
Hiei was on his way to the Reikai Tantei meeting when a boy gave him something. What was it? Could it be edible? Or could it spell fun? Yaoi, Lemon.
The Weddings
Yuusuke and Keiko are getting married. So is Kuwabara and Yukina ^_^. But someone else was going to join the wedding, making it a triple wedding! Who are they suppose to be? Yaoi
The Honeymoon
After the wedding, *kind of a sequal to The Weddings* what do you suppose wedding couples would do? Hehehe... Parody, Yaoi.
Youko Kurama's Enemy
Hiei, Kuwabara and Yuusuke goes to Meiow High? What's going on here?? Mild Yaoi
Viva Forever
My first songfic. Mainly focuses on a dying Hiei and Kurama who's desprately trying to save him mentally... Mild Yaoi
Mukuro's Territory Of Forbidden Fox
Kurama is not allowed to enter Mukuro's teritory. Why? Hint : A three eyed fire demon is seriously injured... Yaoi
Adult Channel Addiction
A stupid, silly little story... don't beat me up if you read this! ^_^ Yaoi
School Carnival
Meiow High is having a school carnival! The whole gang is invited! Whatever did happen when Hiei won the eyes of the DJ's in charge? Mild Yaoi.
Sun Burn
A short fic involving an SD version of the Yu* Yu* Hakusho characters. ^_^; Very Mild Yaoi. Gomen...
Sayuri's First Day At School
What was Sayuri's teacher's reaction when she found out that the parents' details in her record files were both filled by male particulars? Yaoi.
I Don't Like You, I Love You...
Kurama decides to diminish his feelings for Hiei once and for all. He acts cold towards the fire youkai. But how far can he go? Can he stand to torment his love? Yaoi.
I'll Always Be By Your Side ( Kuwabara's P.OV )
Let's be Kuwa-chan for a while and see what's his opinion about the two demons? Yaoi.
Kurama was forced to take a subject he thought of as a waste of time. Homescience. And the first project nearly made Hiei and Kurama have a fight. Mild Yaoi
Yukina's Curse
Koenma was kind enough to treat the gang to a vacation in Takara-jima, a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. On that vacation, something happened and cause Yukina to curse herself. Yaoi
Sex Education
Kurama got one question wrong in his Biology test. Which made him uneasy as that question was answered correct by all his other classmates. Yaoi.
A One Night Stand
Youko Kurama comes home wet and dirty. Kurunoe was quite angry at the him as he forgotten their robbing plan yesterday. What happened? Very Very Mild Yaoi *only if you still wants it yaoi*
Into The Cave
Snippets from the manga where the gang faces Sensui-tachi. Anyone realised that Kurama didn't talk too much to Hiei when the fire demon finally joined them back? What happened? Mild Yaoi.
The Ankoku Wish
After the Ankoku Bojutsukai, We all knew that Yuusuke's wish was to have Genkai-baasan alive and well. What were our two favourite demons wishes? Yaoi.
Together Forever
This hypothetical fic has two parts. One, about Hiei and Kurama. The other one, Itsuki and Sensui. Not much to say, just a scribble to share with you guys. Mild Yaoi
The Hallway To - The Way Destiny Talks, Is The Way We Obey (A Triangle Love's Story)
This 5+1 chapter epic is about Shuuichi Hatanaka having some feelings for Hiei. But after a few incidents, Shuuichi learned that Hiei would never belong to him. Yaoi.
Forever Fornever
The Reikai Tantei were having a practise session at Genkai's then there was also Mitarai Kiyoshi, helping them out. Something was up between him and Kurama. What was Hiei to do? Yaoi.
Stupid Fucking Kitsune
If only Kurama weren't so protective of the Jaganshi... Yaoi. Dark.
The Hallway To - Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Some small spell making youkais made a silly mistake by accidentally pouring fairy dusts on Hiei. The poor Jaganshi turned into a baby. Was Kurama happy about it? Yaoi, Heavy Citrus.
A Merry Little Christmas
This is a surprise Christmas fic. Read and tell me about it. Yaoi.
Coffee Time
Okay, confession time... this is not my fic. But it's so funny and touchy I just had to have it in my page ^_^. Go and read it, bet you'll be laughing ur head off ^__^. Mild Yaoi.
Torture Instruments
This is an amend fic I did for the first Christmas fic. The Yuusuke X Kurama. Now this is a Kurama X Hiei fic... back to the good'ol type hehe.... No spoilers, just enter and laugh... Yaoi.
The Tormented Heart of Flawless Beauty
Kurama is being pushed away by Hiei constantly. Nothing seems to change the attitude of the fire demon... not even a blind Kurama. But something happened. Something made the Jaganshi realise how much the kitsune means to him. Yaoi.
The Courting Fire Demon
          Our Jaganshi had been away from Ningenkai and everyone he knew from there for 10 long years. He came back and found something he thought he could never have; and this is the story of our fire demon claiming his right to posess true love. Sweet, Sappy, Mushy, Romatic, Kleenex and Lemon alert.

Living In A Tangled Skein
         This takes place after The Courting Fire Demon. Not really a sequel cause it stands on it's own. But to understand the situation more, you can read it here. This ficcie is about the former Reikai Tanteis trying to help Keiko train her bunch of school girls in a basketball practise. But Hiei and Kurama had their own hidden agenda's. Hiei's heart was being crushed because of Kurama's ego against Mukuro's words resulting a bad tragedy towards the fire demon. Would Kurama be able to bring him back with his opened heart and unconditional loving care? Waffy, Mushy, Kleenex, Angst and Lemon alert.

        A somewhat short fic extracted from the pure C.R.A.P of Bulma's brain. *sad ain't it?* THIS IS NOT PARODY! NOT!
Waff alert.

Let's Go Skating!
        It's early winter. And it's snowing!!! What would Hiei do with a pair of *new* skating shoes and a big fluffy fur jacket on a winter morning? He learns how to skate!
Hiei : I wanna skate like Yuusuke.
Kurama : Sure! I'll teach you!
Waff alert.

Magazine Page for the Best Student (Also a songfic to – Kuchibue ga Kikoeru)
         It's the end of the year. The board of Meioh High's official school magazine were deciding on who would occupy the Best Student of the Year page. And since Shuuichi Minamino is voted, someone from the school magazine society get's to interview our redhead. But Kurama seemed so busy and distracted. Would she go and investigate? And what about our insecured fire demon? What does he have to say about this? Who would solve the chaos that's starting even with Kuwabara?
Hiei : Nothing... nothing at all!
Koorime Yukina : Yeah rite... *smirk*
Citrusy, topsy-turvy, red alert.

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