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Weekly Web Picks: 10/13/97

Famous Fan Special Guest:

Scott Frazier is the president of Renegade Brain, an international animation/graphics production and consulting firm and consults for companies like and Production I.G. He has worked in the Japanese animation industry for over ten years, founded five animation companies and has worked on such shows as Bubblegum Crash, Genocyber, Ghost in the Shell, Doomed Megalopolis and Moldiver. He is also the author of TRANSCENDENCE, a digital graphic novel originally published in and writes a regular column in EX: the Online World of Anime and Manga.

There are a lot of interesting sites out there and it was difficult to distill them down to five choices but I think these are some sites that are representative of what I like to see out there and what I find interesting. Everyone can put up images and say, "I like this show" and that's OK but a large majority of the sites out there consist of only this and it gets pretty repetitive after awhile.

I looked for sites with original, interesting content or that had good information in a very readable format and without a lot of frills that just slow the page loading time down. Because of very negative industry sentiment (which is now moving past passive anger and disgust into going-to-take-legal-action in some cases) about such things I had to stay away from sites with fansubs, MPEG music collections, large image galleries of scanned stuff, sites with scanned manga pages, and other flagrant copyright violations. It doesn't matter what I think of such things, the companies I work with have their own feelings which I must respect.

Animation World Network

Lots of good info about animation around the world.
(There is an anime forum.) Definitely worth a close look for anyone interested in producing animation. Good interviews and articles too.

Hoshisato Mochiru's "Living Game"

This is a good example of the kind of site I would like to see more of. It has nice layout, good information, doesn't have a ton of scanned images or scanned manga pages and makes the manga worthwhile to an English speaking (reading?) audience. The line art images are a little jagged but that's not a huge problem.

Ste-chan's List of Manga Artists
on the Internet

Stefan Walter has a very impressive set of links to various manga artists' sites on the Web. For sites in Japanese he puts links to the gallery/image pages as well so it's much easier for someone who can't see Japanese in their browser (or can't read it at all) to get around.

Wireframe - Tomwoof's Home Pages

Although this is not a completely anime site, it is of potential value to any anime style artists working in 3D. Tom makes Manga Babes, a collection of anime/manga style 3D character models, which you can use, modified or not, to make your own anime or illustrations. He's just released version 2.0 which comes with lots of accessories. Check out some of those links to very realistic looking 3D characters and see what some of the next generation of anime might look like...

Pink (Peach-colored) Angels
(Momoiro Tenshi)

Only in Japanese. This is one of my favorite Japanese CG artist's pages. The artwork, mostly angels and catgirls, is cute and well done. The best part is the Munyu Munyu Diary, which is half rant, half diary and always amusing.
Really funny and great looking art too.

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