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Last Exit Before Toll

by Ryan Mathews

Last Exit Archives

April 1999

(ring, ring)

Hello? Oh, hi, Jei! Great timing; you caught me just as I was about to leave on vacation.

Yes, that's right, I won't be doing a column this month. But I've lined up a great guest columnist! His name is Ryan Matheuszik and he's a--

Yes, Ryan Matheuszik.

No, I'm not making that up. That's his name!

It is not a play on "Mathews", it's a real guy! Check out ! He's Canadian! I'm 100% red-blooded American!

Of course we can trust him! He's a long time reader of Last Exit. Writes me all the time. He'll do a great job!

Relax, Jei! What could go wrong?

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