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Akane's Kitchen of Pain

Welcome to Akane's Kitchen of Pain, also known simply as Tendou Akane's kitchen! Here, you can learn how to cook just like Akane, as taught by the master chef, Kevin Lew (yes, the Lai-Lai boy)!

Before you begin your tutelage under the Master Ranma Fool, perhaps you would like to hear some of his thoughts on his development as a great cook. Then listen to some stories told by Kev himself.

Now, you are ready to learn the techniques of Tendou Akane!

There are eight recipes from the fabled recipe book that have been mastered by Akane:

And there you have it. Hopefully these recipes will bring you plenty of enjoyment and will colorfully flavor your life!

Do you know how Belldandy likes to sing when she cooks? Well, Akane does too! You can listen to a snipet of Akane's happy cooking song (63 kb). It's a clip from "Ranma 1/2 Song Calendar", and the lyrics are available here from Ray Huang's Anime Song Lyrics Archive.

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These recipes not cultured enough for you? Perhaps you would prefer Ukyou's Okonomiyaki Recipe Home Page!
Who the heck is Akane? What's going on here? Welcome to Ranma 1/2!
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