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Perhaps the best OVA series of 1996, Shamanic Princess is a high-budget anime release by Bandai Visual. It is an emotionally charged story of close friendship, love and duty on a backdrop of stunning art and animation. The background music is similarly excellent. Character designs are by Ishida Atsuko of Magic Knight Rayearth and Asuka 120% Excellent fame. The series runs for six episodes.

Shamanic Princess is the story of a young girl named Tiara who has been sent to Earth from the Guardian World. Endowed with magical powers, it is her mission to retrieve the Throne of Yorudo which has been stolen by a man named Kagetsu. Tiara's task is complicated by the appearance of her friend and rival, Lena, who sides with Kagetsu for reasons unknown. Are Kagetsu's actions connected to his missing younger sister, Sarah, who manifests herself in Tiara's dreams?

The first four episodes deal with Tiara search for the Throne of Yorudo, while the last two tell the story of Tiara's past, when she was only beginning to learn to control her powers.

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