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Kunihiko Ikuhara's directorial debut was "Maple Town Monogatari" [Maple Town Stories] back in 1986. Starting from episode #28 aired on 7/27/86, he did assistant director of several episodes of the series. Before episode #28, actually he did the expediter of episode #26 aired on 7/13/86. For those who don't know "Maple Town Monogatari", it is a cute furry animation series, if I had to say it in one sentence. Although the series was obviously aimed at pre-teen girls and *was* so popular among pre-teen girls, it was quite well accepted by many hard core anime fans in Japan for its excellent direction. The series director was the now big name, Junichi Sato, who some of you may know as the series director of the first season of "Sailor Moon". If I'm not mistaken, "Maple Town Monogatari" was the series with which Mr. Sato was widely noticed in the otaku-dom for the first time.

After "Maple Town Monogatari", Mr. Ikuhara continued his job as assistant director for "Shin Maple Town Monogatari - Palm Town Hen" [New Maple Town Stories - Palm Town Chapter] ('87), "Toushou!! Ramen-Man" [Fighter General!! Ramen-Man] ('88), "Akuma-kun" [Devil-kun] ('89-'90), and "Mo-retsu Atarou (shin)" ('90). During the run of "Mo-retsu Atarou", he was promoted to a (senior) director, and as a starter he directed episode #18 aired on 8/18/90.

Some people say Mr. Ikuhara began distinguishing himself as an *overdoing* director with the series "Kingyo Chuuihou" [Goldfish Warning] ('91-'92), with Sato as series director. Having developed their own unique knacks and tips from the smash hit of "Kingyo Chuuihou", In 1992, Sato, with Ikuhara and the gang, started the new series called "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon". And the rest is history.

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* Sailor Moon Episodes Directed by Ikuhara
EP# Japanese Titles English Titles Notes
6 "Mamore Koi no Kyoku! Usagi ha Cupid" N/A The yoma is after a music tape.
11 "Usagi to Rei Taiketsu? Yume Land no Akumu" "Nightmare in Dreamland" SM fights the dolly.
15 "Usagi Aseru! Rei-chan Hatsu Date" "An Unnatural Phenomena" Rei gets her head stepped on by Mamoru.
21 "Kodomotachi no Yume Mamore! Anime ni Musubu Yuujou" "An Animated Mess" Anime studio.
26 "Naru-chan ni Egao wo! Usagi no Yuujou" "The Power of Friendship" The priest turns into a boxer.
31 "Koi Sarete Owarete! Luna no Saiaku no Hi" "Kitty Chaos" Luna chased by a herd of cats.
36 "Usagi Konran! Tuxedo Kamen ha Aku?" "Bad Hair Day" Haircut.
46 "Usagi no Omoi ha Eien ni! Atarashiki Tensei" "Day of Destiny" The final battle with Beryl.
51 "Atarashiki Henshin! Usagi Power Up" "Cherry Blossom Time" Cherry blossom.
60 "Tenshi? Akuma? Sora kara Kita Nazo no Shoujo" "Serena Times Two" Chibiusa appears from the sky.
67 "Umi yo Shima yo Vacanse yo! Senshi no Kyuusoku" N/A The dinosaurs.
68 "Chibiusa wo Mamore! 10 Senshi no Daigekisen" "Naughty 'N' Nice" The 5 X 5 battle.

Sailor Moon R The Movie

Sailor Team fights on the meteor.
92 "Sutekina Bishounen? Tenou Haruka no Himitsu" N/A Minako's racing game with Haruka.
103 "Yatte Kita Chicchana Bishoujo Senshi" N/A Chibiusa returns.
110 "Uranus tachi no Shi? Talisman Shutsugen" N/A Uranus kills herself.
117 "Yori Takaku Yori Tsuyoku! Usagi no Ouen" N/A Hotaru meets an athlete.
128 "Unmei no Deai! Pegasus no Mau Yoru" N/A The first episode of SS.
137 "Ayakashi no Mori! Utsukushii Yousei no Sasoi" N/A FishEye acts like a fairy.
150 "Amazoness! Kagami no Ura kara Kita Akumu" N/A Amazoness Quartet appear.

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