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Jei's Web Picks
(Updated 4/17/00)

These links represent the best of what the anime/manga web world
has to offer in their respective categories.
Hopefully this will be a helpful guide for new and old anime fans alike.

Anime/Manga Series

While there are many good web pages dedicated to the
various anime and manga series, I've chosen ones which do a superior job of covering all aspects related to that particular series.
Mononoke Hime

Rabi's X Page

Urusei Yatsura

Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Sailor Moon

Mobile Suit Gundam

Maison Ikkoku
Maison Ikkoku Home Page


Image Archives

Image sites are by far the most popular type of anime web site and the following sites provide volumes for your viewing pleasure.

US Commercial Sites

These are the minds, hands and bank accounts
releasing your favorite anime and manga in the states.

Japanese Commercial Sites

These are the minds, hands and bank accounts
behind some of your favorite anime and manga.

Production I.G.





Creator Web Pages

Manga artists and character designers alike finding a home on the web.

Monkey Punch

(Manga Artist)

Clamp School Web Campus
(Character Designers)

Kazuko Tadano

(Character Designer)

Buichi Terasawa

(Manga Artist)

Creator Fan Pages

For they so loved them and the consistent excellence of their creations,
they dedicated a web page in their honor.
(Hayao Miyazaki)

Rumiko Takahashi:
The Rumic Page

Online Manga

Professional manga artists who've brought their works to the web.
(All translated in English too!)

Leiji "Harlock" Matsumoto

Buichi "Cobra" Terasawa

Various Artists

Various Artists

General Information

In addition to the following, I'd suggest that you take a look at all the informative links in the General Information Section.

Seiyuu (Voice Actor) Database

Otaku World Anime
and Manga Theme Guide


Professionals and fans alike coming together to bring
you the latest information, reviews and interviews in the anime world.

EX: The Online World of
Anime & Manga A Magazine of
Japanese Pop Culture

Music & Movies

Hear songs, view clips and sing lyrics from your favorite anime.

(Virtual Idols)

Comedy/Parody Sites

AKA sites that gave me a good laugh while I was surfing at 3 A.M.
(Still looking for that Sailor LL Cool J site...)

Miscellaneous Sites

An extra site here and there that caught my eye...

Anime Toy Chest

The Big KISS Page

Honorable Mentions


Vision of Escaflowne
Vision of Escaflowne Compendium

Futaba-kun Change
Futaba-kun Change Homepage

Marmalade Boy

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Last Update: 4/17/00