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Viewing Japanese in a Web Browser
(Updated 10/17/00)

With the multitude of Japanese only pages available here at the Turnpike, I've been asked for help in viewing those pages without having the actual Japanese operating system. Here are some suggestions.

Any OS - Windows OS - Macintosh OS - Unix OS

Any Operating System

Easily one of the most useful sites on web.
Shodouka allows you to enter the web site address of a page and then replaces the Japanese text on that page with a corresponding kanji/kana image.
Very nifty and quick.

Windows 95/98

Yes! You can use the MSGothic font provided by the Internet Explorer Microsoft Japanese multilanguage support to read Japanese on Netscape 4.0 browsers! After downloading a Netscape 4.0 version browser and the Japanese extensions:
  1. Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.
  2. In the Appearance-Fonts area, set For the Encoding to Japanese and select MS Gothic for both Variable Width Font and Fixed Width Font.
  3. In the Navigator-Languages area, add Japanese [ja] to the list.
Voila! No need for that Japanese helper application. ^_^

Note: You may need to change the Encoding (In the View menu)
selection to one of the Japanese settings (Auto-Detect preferred)
in order to see the Japanese text.

(with Japanese Extensions)
By downloading Internet Explorer and Japanese Multilanguage Support, you'll end up with a browser which views any Japanese page perfectly.
Works with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 3.0 as well.

Note: You may need to change the Encoding (In the View/Fonts menu)
selection to one of the Japanese settings (Auto Select preferred)
in order to see the Japanese text.

Windows 3.1/95/98

An excellent shareware program which allows you to read Japanese,
Chinese and Korean on any of your Windows programs.

Even includes auto-detect options for Japanese and Chinese so you don't have to keep changing from EUC to SJIS and so forth. It is unique in that it offers free larger size fonts available for download, which makes your viewing that much more enjoyable. (2678K)

The very popular shareware program, very similar to MView. For more information, check out the page. (1463K)


Mac OS9 comes with language kits that can be custom installed. If you already have an older version of Apple's Japanese Language Kit, you will need to custom re-install the kit again from the Software Install disc. This will provide the upgraded JLK that is compatible with OS9.

-A runthrough for very nervous people or newbies-

Slip the Mac OS9 Software Install disc into the drive. The "i-Mac Install CD " window should open up, if not, double click on the disc's icon. Double click the " Install Software " icon.

  1. Choose a country. (I chosed "Others" ^_^)
  2. Select the harddrive where your OS is installed. Choose Add/Remove.
  3. Scroll down, click on the square next to "Language Kits".
  4. Click on None Selected to the right of "Language Kits".
  5. A menu will appear, move the cursor to Customized Installation.
  6. Click Start.
  7. Next to "Selection", click on None and then select Custom.
  8. Click on the squares next to the Language Kits you'll like to use. "Japanese", yes? ^_^
  9. Click OK and follow the rest of the instructions that appear.

It is now possible to read and write in any software that has Japanese support. Remember to select the Japanese fonts!  :)

A commercialware solution to viewing Japanese in your browser.

A shareware program similar to MView in nature that will let you
view Japanese as well as Chinese and Korean in web browsers.

Ian Justman has been great enough to share his wisdom on
the viewing of Japanese on Unix systems with us. Thanks Ian!

Unix Information

Viewing Japanese @ Anime Web Turnpike™
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Last Update: 10/17/00