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"The Never Asked Questions,
...but here are the answers anyway."  -Thanks, Hans.  :)

This is not the FAQ but it might answer some of the questions you possibly have. Some are questions that actually have been asked of us. The rest are questions we made up for the Anime Web Turnpike Trivial Factoids Drinking Game. (No, there are no written rules for this. We encourage all to be creative and come up with their own.  ;D)

WHY isn't MY page listed YET??

Some reasons, whichever should come to mind (my mind) first:

Mistakes in the URL submitted.
This happens more frequently than one would imagine, since it would be expected that URLs would be copied and pasted into the 'Add a link', 'Update a Link?' or 'Broken Link?' forms. Occurs about once in every twenty links.

Unless... it's some people's idea of a joke.

Umm. Thanks, fellas. Sure lightens up the mood when we think of splitting nails from fingers with bamboo slivers...

The URL was submitted via e-mail.
Jei will get right down to it once he's dealt with the 183 other e-mails that's before yours in his mailbox....
Do use the submit forms at Anipike please; it'll be much faster.

BUT, I did everything the way I was asked!!!
Err... sorry. Our apologies.
Jei will get right down to it once he's dealt with the inexplicable swell in numbers of submissions that happened to come in, just the same time you submitted yours....
If you've waited more than a fortnight, please do submit the URL again.

Jei's stuff:
More to check...
  There's a few other reasons that we should probably mention:

  • Some/Most of the images are broken.
        (Using .art and .bmp files are not recommended)

  • Some/Most of the pages linked from the page submitted aren't there.

  • The server your pages are on was down.
        Taking your pages off the server after submitting your
        link is also not recommended..*duh* -Nikkou.

  • The background you use makes reading your text difficult to impossible.

Can you send me information on anime and manga?

We occasionally get this question, usually followed by the phrase, "...quickly. I need it for a project I have to finish by the next day."

While we're happy to help out on questions like, "Please, do you know this anime where this boy talks to an umbrella and other spirits, and whose dad has only one leg and an eye for a head?"*, we do not send out catalogues or are we able to give the complete history of anime and manga, ahem. We're not sure whether we should be pleased at being thought omnipotent, or to kamehameha the inquirer. Which do you think we feel like?  ;)

Anibot note: Jei says he tries to help out all he can. I guess that kamehame-bit is all Nikkou's.

*GeGeGe no Kitarou.

Jei's Comments:
Think you can ad..[Anibot note: we apologize for this breakdown in transmission]..hameha list too, Dear.  ;)

How is the Top Ten list of the "Popular Series" on the main page determined?

Explanation from Command Central: The top ten are the ten most popular anime series page by hits...Yes, the people asking are the ones who end up deciding the order. :) I check a week's worth of hits each month and make any adjustments to the current order. It rarely changes. ^^;

I still say he picks titles out of Totoro's house! -Nikkou.

Who is Jei?

Jei maintains the Anime Web Turnpike.
He is the one who checks the over three hundred links that are submitted each week. He is the one who weeds out the "WHERE is the anime/manga in this?" from the budding great sites in development. He is the one who places the URLs in the pages of Anipike. Jei works in the day and goes to school some nights. He spends most of any time he has left on Anipike.

Is Nikkou actually Jei?

This.. is a difficult question to answer.
Some people write Nikkou e-mail starting with "Dear Jei".
Let's put it this way. Jei wears size twelve in shoes, Nikkou wears a five. Nikkou can get into Jei's shoes, but possibly not walk in them. Jei definitely cannot get his feet into Nikkou's shoes.
Well, maybe his fingers...

Jei's Comments:
*Laugh* Why did the thought of putting my fingers in your shoes suddenly t..[Anibot note: oops.. gomen, another technical fault]..?  ;)

Who is this Nikkou person then?

Some person who wears size 5 but a 57 in .
(It's not that Nikkou has a big head; just a lot of hair.)

Psst... do you think we should come clean, Jei?

Okay, to tell the truth, Jei and Nikkou are actually twins.
Born twelve years apart.

Who is Hans Raillard?

Hans is a very nice and charming person who has the most exquisite colour sense. Being both Trixie's Papa and Mama, he obviously is a person of some complication. Please do visit his with some of his art, and that of his friends. There is also a link to "", a Hayao Miyazaki story beautifully translated by Anna Exter.

I don't see any more names.. where's the rest of the staff?

Um... Hiding?
Presently, Anipike is run on peace and goodwill t.. oops.. wrong article..
Then again, maybe not...

Anipike is fortunate to have help from people who have graciously offered their expertise and time. We have tried our best to remember them all in the "Thanks!" and "Credits" section of Anipike. They have helped to make work at Anipike less tedious for us.
We are also indebted to the people who have given us of their time and thoughts, indeed of themselves, in contributing to Anipike's "Guests' Web Picks" column. Their generosity and goodwill have been of great encouragement to us.

And, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," to the people who've been filling up the forms to let us know about broken links and updates.

Thank you all so much.  :)

What about this Ryan "Last Exit" Mathews?

That's some guy who likes PSY•S  :)

Ryan can tell about himself much better than if we at Anipike tried. Write Ryan and ask if he'll divulge some of his deepest secrets in his "Last Exit" column. No, we don't pay Ryan. In fact, Ryan pays us!
(Just kidding.  :)

Nikkou would like to add that if you are a lovely, young, female anime fan looking for interesting conversation and an absolute sweetheart of a guy, you should get to know Ryan Mathews.  :)
Or use ICQ:  ^_^

..And this Miro and Mirror??

Please write Miro if you have news of the second 'Yawara!' LD box set.  :D

Doko wa Search Engine desu ka?
(btw, don't use the above grammar structure in Japanese class
unless you get marks for mistakes. ^_^)

Since the Search Engine project was announced, it has undergone four transformations under as many people and none of those versions were considered safe for public consumption by Anipike's Great Leader.

Currently, there are high expectations that the present incarnation of the Search Engine will turn out really well, and at some time soon too. Realise though, that 'Time' in Great Leaders' stratosphere runs differently from that 'time' of us lowly beings.

btw, thunderbolt-bait Nikkou adores white chrysanthemum poms, arum lilies, hydrangea.. all kinds of white flowers with a heady scent, and jazz music in church. Dave Brubeck and . Please include 'Take Five'.  ;)

How do I become a Guest on the "Guests' Web Picks"?

We didn't mean to publicize this, but it came out on a.f.bgcrisis.

As revealed by Unagi:
"The bidding starts about two months before the article is to be written. You log into a live internet chat room and start offering money against several other people. The person who has the highest credit card limit usually wins."

...and Ben Cantrick:
   "Uu, don't leave out information! You know that the top 5 bidders have to duke it out in a networked Quake game to determine the real winner!"

Thanks, guys.
By the way, my Swiss Banker and John Romero would like your phone numbers...

NOT the FAQ@ Anime Web Turnpike™
Anime Web Turnpike™ © 1995-2000 Jay Fubler Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Last Update: 6/19/00