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And to think our road started here...Love you ^_^
Will Ray:
Thanks for providing the original home for the Turnpike and putting up with all the traffic headaches, log alterations, inquisitive administrators, etc, etc. Honto ni doumo arigatou! ^_^


*patpat* Good Girl ^_-. Gomen...I didn't know computers could get varicose veins. ^^;


Thanks for letting me create a European presence for the 'Pike. Break down and order that Yawara! manga! ^_-

Michael Van Biesbrouck, Kusano Takayuki & Steve Pearl:

Thanks for all your hard work in creating such impressive and important information resources!

Frederik Schodt & Lea Hernandez:

For all your help and great publicity!

Hans Raillard:

For creating Trixie and her variations! ^_^

Patrick Vera and the other numerous thoughtful fans:

For all those updates. I really appreciate it. ^_^

Oyabun, Lord Robin, Kyosuke-kun, Jeff-kun, Cleo-ojou and Ataru-kun:

For putting up with me and letting me rant from time to time ^o^

Everyone who has Trixie and/or a link to the Turnpike on their site:

Thanks for the Plug! ^_^

Everyone whose web page can be found here:

Thanks for all your hard work in providing information and entertainment to the anime fans who roam the web!

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