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The Characters of Eat-Man

What follows are descriptions and pictures of a few of the characters that are consistent in the Eat-Man universe, or at least I think are worth mentioning :)

Bolt Crank AKA The Man This is Bolt Crank, hero of Eat-Man...if you could really call him that. He's more like the badass of the book. Bolt's past is rather shady and only a few details on his origin or prior life are known. His real name is Leon Field, that much is certain, as it is revealed in Volume 10. He's a traveling mercenary, working for money, and that's about as simple a description as I can get...Many address Bolt as 'The World's Greatest Mercenary,' so it seems he's a little famous...but with an ability like he has, who wouldn't be?
Hard, Bolt's Rival Hard is a man who was once called the 'World's Greatest Mercenary,' but the title was false, as his boss had used his influence to get Hard the major jobs that would promote him. Hard really is at heart a mercenary, and he hired Bolt to help break him free of his old boss' grip. Now he competes with Bolt on many occasions for jobs, sometimes they're enemies, but sometimes they lend each other a hand.
Shadow, Bolt's stalker Shadow is a very mysterious person, and little is known about him. He was hired many years ago by a woman named Stella to defend her against Bolt, who left her. Shadow uses dirty tricks to get at Bolt, but rarely does he ever get the upper hand in their battles. Like Hard, he is a rival, but also the two cooperate when the need arises. Shadow has a device that can control robots at will and attack Bolt, which can make things difficult...
Rain Boyer AKA Kickass no Onna Rain Boyer isn't really a major player, but damn she's hot ^^; It's almost as if she is a female version of Bolt, just more sociable and much sexier :) She is of the Boyer family line, a family that can use a weapon called the Boyer Sword. She met Bolt as a teenager, but later they meet again in much different circumstances. Bolt ends up aiding her in getting the Boyer Sword and saving the day.
Teromea, The Dino Guy Teromea is quite the unique character, but definitely a cool addition to the universe of Eat-Man. A long time ago Bolt knew a Dr. Rudy, who helped him in the past. Upon returning to his house, Bolt finds that he is dead, but has left something for him to eat. Upon eating the various parts that make Teromea up, Teromea appears. Bolt cannot get rid of him until Teromea's mission is accomplished: to kill Stella. He's pretty much a jackass who gives Bolt a lot of flak, but he has his moments. He first appears in Volume 10.