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Worry not, fellow beings, for you now may depart this barren wasteland and discover other glorious things on the internet...or lack thereof. Here I will up FUNNY and otherwise useful links. Useful links are for Eat-Man stuff, anime stuff, etc...while the funny ones are...well...yeah. Enjoy.

Eat-Man Links
Eat-Man HQ, one of the few sites in English about Eat-Man...and the guy who runs it lives in Australia. Go figure.
Boukenya Sanctuary, a site devoted to Eat-Man trans....WTF!!! Shit, I can't find anything else at the moment...

Other Links
Something Awful, home of hilarious shit. Especially the weekly Jeff K!!!!! column. Only tech people would get it's still funny as hell either way.
Anime on DVD, my homepage now. My review of the Eat-Man '98 DVD box set is on here too! I'm immortalized FOREVER!! HAHAHAHAH!! Ahem. Also a kickass site about Anime releases on DVD...
The AniPike, if it's anime/manga related and it's not on here, brutha, it's not out there.