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Well, you don't really have to. It'd be nice, though :) Thats the only picture of me that I think really exists except baby I'm not putting those up. Want to know about me? You hentai.

  • Name: Justin Coole
  • Age: 20
  • Blood Type(For that sense of completeness): UNKNOWN
  • College?: HAI, Kennesaw State, soon to be UGA
  • Slacker?: It's my code
  • Car?: YES My glorious Nissan 280ZX! So it needs a dash cover and a repainted hood? Piss off! :P
  • Hobby: HAH! Mostly learning foreign languages (Japa*cough*ese) or reading. I will kick thine ass in any and all fighting games by Capcom(except Star Gladiator, it sucks), my Strider/Captain America duet will never fail! DAN FOREVER!! I am also a car fanatic(it's a guy thing), I will school you in automobile knowledge, especially Z Car knowledge...I am known to lose control of my bodily fluids upon sighting a Ferrari 550 Maranello. Ki o tsukete kudasai.
  • Favorite Series, etc?: Rurouni Kenshin, I"s, Video Girl Ai, DNA^2, Eat-Man, Berserk, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, Irresponsible Captain Tylor(WTF! Where's the DVD release already!!??), GoldenBoy(ohhh the face designs!), Lain(for its endless debating potential), Trigun(Vash is my idol for dancing), Cowboy Bebop(It just screams cool show), and anything by Kenichi Sonoda, like Gunsmith Cats(YEAH), Riding Bean(DOUBLE YEAH, he has mad bullshit car of doom but I love it), and Bubblegum Crisis, both the original and the newer 2040 TV series.(WTF!! ADV get off your ARSES and do the DVDs! I've got a poster of 2040 that says it's on DVD!! WTF!!!!).
  • ICQ #: 19354609 if you dare!
  • AOL IM UIN(WTF!! Too many letters!): Hiko280ZX

If you actually want to know more, ICQ sickos...heh.