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Welcome to my humble little Eat-Man page, Boukenya's Sanctuary. Make sure you're using Internet Explorer 5.0 and 800x600 resolution(at least) to view this site correctly. After realizing there are virtually no sites out there (that are useful, anyway) pertaining to Eat-Man, I decided to put my own up. And here is the result.

These translations will be an ongoing project of mine, to translate all of the Eat-Man manga as it becomes available. As of this update, I'm currently working on Volume 5's translation. Since Yoshitomi's novels appear about every 4-6 months, I've got plenty of leeway going for me :)

Last updated - April 11, 2000

Okay. I've got the basic character page up at this point, a few links, and my anime page is up as well, with my review of the recently released Eat-Man '98 DVD boxset available in the US. No more translations this update, I'm still working on getting everything functioning properly. And there's a guestbook up, for those of you so inclined to say hello.