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Nikkou's no-frill page of
Random, Arbitary Links

      Every now and then, an e-mail arrives asking for help on where to obtain anime/manga information online. Some of them, including personal mail, invariably get lost when there's an avalanche of mail. (Or rather, I feel lost and give up. ;_;) While my friends and family have no qualms about writing again (Hullo? Earth calling Mars?), I know most others wouldn't want to intrude. In the hope of addressing some of those queries, I have below some links as start points.

      Also, try asking at rec.arts.anime.misc, rec.arts.manga or, whichever might be appropriate. For more newsgroups go here, and there are mailing lists here.

@anime!- a cosy read

A Fan's View-anime convention reports and pictures

Anime Art Academy-The site is being overhauled presently, but the forum is still up.

Anime News-get filled in with what's new
: news as recent as they can get it, editorials, reviews, and a forum.
: absolutely, positively, all the latest news. :)

Anime-inspired animation and fan parodies:

Anime Web Guide-Ahhhh! Nostalgia! :)

Cosplay/Anime Costuming and Masquerade Links-At this time, the only thing missing from this page is Widya.  ;)

Cyber Mangazine -shockwave, onl ine manga, and 'how to'

..more 'how to draw' pages:
: because I remember 'U aRe Drawing'  :)
: includes a page of links to other art sites, rounding off an already rather comprehensive site.

EX-an established online mag

Gamer's Republic Online-my present fav gaming mag with an anime section

Hitoshi Doi-fan of 'cute', baseball enthusiast and family man

Kaicho's Anime Page, "Anihabara!"-what's new in Japan, what's on, and a fun contest

The Librarian's Guide to Anime and Manga-"Anime and Manga for Dummies" :)

...and yet another librarian. :)

Richard's Animated Divots-info on animation studios, cast and staff, resources, an animation timeline (find out what was on the year you were born!)

Nausicaa.Net-Princess Mononoke, Totoro, everything esle Ghibli and more!

PRISMS: The Ultimate Manga Guide

Rei's Anime and Manga Page- a rare page of informed opinions and measured words, now, if I could only include Dennis Fukushima's site... hmm.. ;)

Scott Frazier's Homepage-"so, you want to work in anime in Japan..." read this ancient pioneer's words first  ;)

Seiyuu Database-searchable Japanese voice actor encyclopedia

SHOUJO-about which most of us of the female gender do like, and of which those of the male gender would do well to be aquainted with  :) :) :)
: I know I should have something other to say than the guy who maintains this site is very cute, but he *is* a very, very cute guy! ( bite me ;)
: Don't sneer at Matt Thorn, guys, after all he was chosen to translate 'Sanctuary'. Be sure to look up the photos of his beautiful wife and child while at his site. ^_^
Emily's Random Shoujo Manga Page: Part of Emi-chan's beautiful and informative site, this section too is a pleasure to visit. Presently, she has images from and summaries of over 60 manga titles so go now! What are you waiting for? For me to say she's cute? Well, she is that too. :)

Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide-by "Slayers" expert, Ito-san, especially good for more recent CDs

TOKYO-Visit online now while saving for your fare there..
: Want to find out more about Japan and study some Japanese online?
: The online counterpart of LOOK JAPAN magazine. : ..all kinds of everything about Tokyo.
: Architecture, art, ambrosia guide..
: A longtime favourite of mine, with a telling photograph and succinct shorts in "last week in japan". Take a look. :)

Virtual Idols - Rhythm on the Web-J-pop reviews, audio and video samples.

Welcome to the Comiket-Japanese Comic Market with lots of fan-manga and attendees in the hundreds of thousands. In JAPANESE.

Japanese sites with ENGLISH pages!!-Here are some anime, manga creator and music composer sites in English! ^_^
: Take a look at the homepage which led the producer of lain to invite this artist to do the art designs.
: Scriptwriter for serial experiments lain and Mahou Tsukai Tai,hmm.. diversity..
...and watch out for the JenNy dolls.. :) :) :)
: An artist who happened to be a character designer too. :) One of the first English sites for a Japanese artist. Previews, artwork and information. Yoshitaka Amano, famous in the gaming world for his illustrations for the Final Fantasygames, has done character designs for Gatchaman and Mospeada and many other anime. One of his latest works is the collaboration with Neil Gaiman for The Sandman.
: Composer Fumitaka Anzai's homepage-Urusei Yatsura, What's Michael, Silent Mobius...another versatile creator. :)
: I can't explain why I like his work so much. (Maybe that's "I won't". ;) Ooops! Apologies! I jumped the gun on this. There is only *one* page in English, and it's actually on another site.^^;;; But still, do go dro.., I mean, look! the artwork.
: Kazushi Hagiwara 's homepage. This one definitely has more than one page in English! :D  A very jolly page, 'rollicking' is the word! Go read "The Hagi Report" now!! :)
: Manga artist with a perchant for self-disclosure. :)
: One of the first mangaka to use a Mac for CGI. ^_^
: Yukito Kishiro, creator of Gunnm, Ashen Victor and Aqua Knight. There is a forum which is quite lively, do go add a line or two! Tsutomu Kishiro, who is the main webmaster, also participates. :)
: As their name suggests, they produce anime full of beauty and magic..

Yet Another Anime CD Cyclopedia-Look up info here, and contribute info too when you can.


Jei has a larger, more organised(^_^) list here!


People with low self-esteem and no sense of humour, don't go below! :)

Psychommu Gaijin-Anime E-Zine

Anime Jump


For those who ask for a photo of Nikkou, here's a close-up.-The End.

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