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The Utena Encyclopedia
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Episode 31
"Kanojo no Higeki"
[Her Tragedy]
In the Kiryuu home, Nanami takes- and rebuffs- a phone call meant for Touga. Touga takes a call on his cell phone from one girl while he holds another in his arms. Nanami talks to Touga in the evening and comments that her mother and father and herself all have 'B' bloodtype. But Touga stalls her, saying that he's going to take a shower... and would she like to come along? However, he's only kidding.
Nanami looks at her childhood pictures. She and Touga are always together in them. But she also feels he's been so cold to her lately. She watches him shower... then she steals his cellular phone. The next morning, Touga is surrounded by girls. Nanami looks on with disgust. When the phone in her hand rings, she insults the callers and hangs up on them.
Her follower trio appear and ask her what Touga's bloodtype is, but run away when Nanami glares at them. And next, Nanami takes it out on Utena, having seen her and Touga talking. Nanami tries to throw a statue at Utena, but slips and falls down the stairwell- to be rescued by Akio. (!) Akio bandages Nanami's ankle. Then Akio hands the first aid box to Utena. Nanami notices something between them. She asks Utena later if she's in love with Akio. It makes her feel better that Utena isn't interested in Touga.
One day Nanami and her follower trio are talking about their blood types: Nanami is B, Touga is A, but their parents are both B. They wonder if that means Nanami and Touga are not real siblings. Nanami runs home, and notices that there are no pictures from Touga's childhood.
Nanami runs away from home. She wants to stay with Tsuwabuki, but Akio tells her it's forbidden, and has her stay in his Tower instead, with Utena and Anthy. Akio says his dream is to have a harem. But he's only joking. Anthy makes a comment to Utena that her brother can't resist any girls. But she's only joking.
Touga comes to take Nanami back, but she says she knows they aren't really siblings, and refuses to go back with him. The same night, Nanami happens to witness how another brother treats his sister...

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