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The Utena Encyclopedia
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Episode 33
"Yoru wo Hashiru Ouji"
[The Prince Who Runs Through the Night]
The legend of the Prince and the Princess is repeated. But.. this time it's a little different. The shutters fall closed in the Planetarium. Anthy gazes at a projection. A phone rings. She answers; she's watching the stars.
Utena stretches as she looks out of the window of a hotel room. Roses sit in a chair nearby. A radio show (voiced by the Shadow Girls) talks about eternity. The hosts of the show decide to call the Ends of the World; Akio's car phone rings and he answers. But after a moment, he receives another call that seems to be giving him directions... He hangs up and accelerates. There is a flashback to Saionji's recent Duel.
Utena watches television in the hotel room. She turns off the television and stretches. There is a flashback to the circumstances of Miki and Kozue's parents divorcing.
Utena's dress and her purse are folded up neatly in a box. Utena dries her hair, wearing a white bathrobe. The table is cleared, and the roses are in a vase. Utena asks, "What is it?" Then there is dinner on the table. Utena is still stretching out. She realizes that she forgot something.
There is a flashback to Miki's recent Duel. Akio gets another call from the radio show. Now they are asking about the power of miracles. There is a flashback to Juri and Ruka's circumstances regarding Shiori.
Utena plays Othello with someone. It seems the game is evenly matched. Yet, as the game goes on, suddenly all the pieces are black and the board is covered up. Utena is surprised by this. There is a flashback to the end of Juri's recent duel.
Utena turns off the light and goes to sleep. But she turns around and looks behind herself. Then she is thinking aloud about what she should have for lunch tomorrow... at the same time, something else is going on. She isn't sure what she should do. At the last moment, as the road blurs, she asks, "What is eternity?"
A phone rings. Akio asks Anshi what she is doing. She says she is watching the stars, which Akio says are beautiful tonight. She asks if he got the roses she sent him. He acknowledges that he did. He'll see her soon. Then he looks next to himself. Utena sits in the car with her eyes closed. He carresses her cheek and she glances at him. Utena thinks that she didn't mean for this to happen. She only came to deliver flowers...

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