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The Utena Encyclopedia
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Episode 37
"Sekai wo Kakumei Suru Mono"
[The One to Revolutionize the World]
Utena stares out of the window. Memories of her vow and the voice of the Prince come back to her. But, because of what she saw between Akio and Anthy last night, Utena takes off her signet.
Utena asks Akio for a date for some reason (to test Anthy?). Utena talks pointedly like a girl when she goes to change. Her entire outfit lies on the bed, with a letter from the Ends of the World... During the date, Akio notices that Utena is not wearing the Rose Signet and asks why. Utena says she doesn't like it any more. Akio says today Utena is more like a girl than ever. Utena says that's what she is... Later, Utena tells Anthy about that. She's frightened by feeling like that. Anthy says girls are all like the Rose Bride.
Touga says to Akio that he doesn't think Utena is going to the Duel Arena to see the prince and revolutionize the world, since Utena has chosen Akio, a man in the real life, over her prince. But Akio says Utena hasn't chosen one yet.
Anthy finally askes Utena if she loves Akio. Anthy says to Utena that Akio also seems to love Utena. She says she hopes the three of them can continue as they are forever. But that angers Utena and she shreds the letter from the Ends of the World she was holding.
Receiving the letter that says Utena has become the one who revolutionizes the world, Juri and Miki come to talk to Utena and ask what she's going to do. They play badminton, and as they play, they are watched by the ones they love/hate... For the first time though, it seems the three are acting like real friends. Juri asks Utena if she loves Anthy, but Utena says it's not the same kind of love that Juri has for Shiori. Nanami appears (they comment that it's been a while since they saw her in a normal uniform) and advises Utena that she shouldn't be concerned with Akio and Anthy anymore. She says Utena is too credulous.
Later, Utena and Anthy are having tea and cookies. Anthy asks if Utena likes her cookie... because she poisoned it. Utena says she doesn't care and finishes it. And then, Utena says it's a coincidence because she also poisoned the tea Anthy is having, but Anthy continues to drink it because it tastes so good. They promise to see each other and have tea and cookies like this in ten years.
Anthy is standing on the edge of a tower, ready to jump. She can't take any more... Utena yells "Are you running away!? We promised, in ten years!" All Anthy can say is that she's sorry...
Utena decided to go. But not just because she wants to see her prince, but for Anthy's sake. Touga says she's a fool, but Utena is happy to be the fool then.

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