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The Utena Encyclopedia
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Episode 32
"Odoru Kanojotachi no Koi"
[The Romance of the Dancing Girls]
The next morning, Utena, Anthy and Akio are carrying on normally- Akio and Anthy make breakfast. (Akio in an apron?) Nanami emerges from the room, and glares at them. When Anthy offers Nanami a bowl, Nanami slaps it out of her hand, but she can't tell Utena about what she saw the previous night, even when Utena yells at her.
Nanami overhears Touga and some girl's conversation in the Rose Garden. Touga says Nanami isn't his real sister. He's only been gentle with her because their parents told him to. Nanami sees the girl is Keiko. Enraged, she slaps Keiko down, but Keiko slaps her back and walks off with Touga, ignoring Nanami. Nanami tosses away the ringing cell phone... she now realizes she is just one of the bugs for Touga like those girls around him.
In the planetarium, Akio feeds Kanae a slice of apple. Kanae looks like she's empty... Utena tries to go into the room, but Anthy stops her quickly. Nanami can't believe Utena still doesn't know anything about what Akio and Anthy are secretly doing. Chuchu hands Nanami the cell phone- the call is from the Ends of the World.
Nanami goes to Touga, who has been waiting for her. The phone in her pocket rings as Akio's car crashes through the window. She answers it. Akio is on the other end behind the wheel.. It's time for a drive.
Akio tells her, "Whatever your eyes see, it's only in your world. The world which you see. The world in which you exist. The labyrinth world without exit in which you wander along the same road. There is nothing you ought to see there." As he says this, Touga advances on Nanami, but she cries out and pushes him away. "Then what do you really want?" he asks.
The next day, Nanami's trio are all gossiping. Keiko has a bad attitude and asks what Nanami intends to do about it. Nanami slaps Anshi to the floor of the Rose Garden. Behind her, her trio are all bruised and bandaged. (That answers that!) Nanami challenges Utena to a duel. In order that Utena will cooperate, Nanami shows that they have Chuchu as a hostage.
Touga acts as Nanami's Bride. During the intense Duel, Utena is completely defensive; when she summons Dios, he appears with his eyes open... (!) Nanami is defeated, and breaks into tears.
Touga tells Akio that he and Nanami are, in truth, actually real siblings. They were both adopted by the Kiryuu family when Nanami was a baby. But he says he isn't going to tell her, since it's romantic to stay that way. Akio chuckles.
- Duel Song Lyrics Available

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