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The Utena Encyclopedia
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Episode 35
"Fuyu no Koro Mebaeta Ai"
[The Love That Budded in Wintertime]
Out for a drive, Akio tells Touga that the one who revolutionizes the world will be decided by the next duel. It's either to be Utena or Touga. Little Utena vows to become a Prince. While they are in the Rose Garden together, it seems that Utena will tell Anthy something secret, but then she doesn't. Utena tells Anthy that somehow she feels that she has something she's forgotten. She feels she promised something very important with someone important to her, but she can't remember. She asks Himemiya to let her see her face... but Akio interrupts. Akio leads Utena away. Anthy's eyes narrow.
Akio thanks Utena for always looking after Himemiya. Someone takes pictures of them during their conversation. Later, Akio, Touga and Saionji are taking pictures of each other in the Planetarium. Akio wants to give Utena a present, but Touga says that Akio doesn't know her very well- she's not the type who likes that sort of thing. It seems the two of them will make a game of winning Utena...
Touga gives Utena a pair of earrings sent from Akio. Wakaba and Utena are both impressed by the present. Utena wonders if it's really a good idea for her to accept them as it's not really like her.. but Wakaba puts the earrings on Utena. Touga looks distraught, and definitely jealous as Utena toys with the earring. He asks her if she'll go horse riding with him; Wakaba advises Utena not to do it, but she goes along. Because Touga pushes the horse too fast when he jumps a fallen tree, Utena loses her grip and falls off, but before she hits the ground Akio appears on a white horse (geez!) and saves her.
Touga is becoming more jealous of Akio. Back at the campus, a shy girl offers Touga a poppy. Touga wonders if all he is just the playboy president... Utena is up late, toying with her earring, and falls asleep at the bar. Akio tells Touga that he won their game, but Touga doesn't agree. Touga tells Akio that Utena didn't seem to be too happy with the present, although it doesn't seem to be the way he perceived. Touga seems to be getting really jealous of Akio being Utena's lover.
Touga and Saionji realize that the girl they met years ago at the church was actually Utena. Saionji seems to notice that Touga has really fallen in love with Utena, but Touga says he doesn't know, himself.
Utena tries on her earrings while Anthy is watching her. When Utena looks at Anthy though, she suddenly sees a vision of swords bursting from Anthy's body. "What was that just now..." Utena wonders.

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